How To Fake A Long Ponytail In 5 Minutes?

How To Fake A Long Ponytail In 5 Minutes?

A long ponytail is such a statement. It is classy, elegant, fashionable, and has a major impact. It is so versatile that you can wear it with a dress, a sophisticated suit, or even wear just a T-shirt. As beautiful as it looks, it is very surreal but rare to get a gorgeous long ponytail that looks one size from top to bottom and has premium shine and finish to it.

Well if you feel like you are also someone who desires to have a long ponytail we have got your back girl! Learn some interesting tips below on how to fake a long ponytail at your home in less than five minutes.

Double Pony

Doubly Pony Indique Hairs
Double Pony For Double Length


It is a very simple and easy way to get a fake ponytail all to yourself. What you have to do is divide your hair into two portions vertically. The portion of division should be 65 upper and 35 lower respectively now with the lower portion using a hairband do a long tight ponytail just around 2 inches above the nape of your neck. Just on the symmetry of that, do a ponytail almost near the crown area. Make sure that the tip of your upper half ponytail is hiding the rubber band point of the lower ponytail. This way you will get the elongated ponytail look to yourself easily.


Long Ribbon Accessory

Length With Laces
Imitating Length With Laces

If you wear long boot jeans, it gives you the illusion of long legs. Similarly, if you attach some long accessories, like the long ribbons, and the long laces, to your ponytail, it automatically elongates or manipulates the length of your ponytail to the viewer. So do your regular ponytail and on top of it, wear a long hair accessory that helps to lengthen up the look.

Use Ponytail Extension

Length With Extensions
Length In 2 Minutes!

One of the best and most secure ways to fake a ponytail and less than five minutes of time frame. This has been done for ages and is strongly recommended by stylists and experts. Use a ponytail extension. If you want to fake a ponytail that looks real and natural, use human hair drawstring ponytail extensions.

All you have to do is make a tight bun of your real hair And put a drawstring ponytail on it and secure it. Yes, that’s it. It is this easy to get a fake ponytail in less than five minutes. If you buy Indique drawstring ponytail extensions, they come in different textures and are long enough that help you style your hair in any way you want. The plus point of having drawstring ponytail extensions from Indique is that you even have the freedom to style a variety of hair buns and hair updos from them.

Benefits Of Drawstring Ponytail Extension

Benefits Of Drawstring
Drawstring Ponytail or Magic?
  • They are very lightweight and allow your scalp to have ventilation with freedom.
  • The drawstring ponytail extensions are the easiest to install. You are not required to install and uninstall them under expert supervision.
  • The drawstring ponytail extensions are very seamless. As the drawstring is very thin, the person is not able to identify the joint point of the ponytail and your scalp. Also, if you buy a drawstring ponytail extension made from a hundred percent human hair, the difference is hardly noticeable.
  • Drawstring ponytail extensions can go for a long time and can stay in a good shape for a year and even a few more months because they have a good grip and their maintenance is quite easy.
  • Real drawstring ponytail extensions can make different hair buns and can even do different hair braid hairstyles easily.
  • Doesn’t matter if you have short length on 5 inches hair or 22 inches or more long hair. The drawstring ponytail extension is easily applied on all.


Trust the experts, and believe it when they say your day will never be dull once you know how to fake a ponytail wearing drawstring ponytail extensions because they’re so real, so convenient, and super experimental. Indique deals in the best of the best kinds of human hair and have sturdy grip ponytail extensions that are also available in combo sets where you are given hair setting sprays. They allow you to slay throughout the party with your designed look in your head and your hair still being the best. So, having an Ariana Grande style ponytail, or a sleek ponytail like Cardi B is all easy because you just have to fake it. so fake it with REAL ponytail extensions, and slay with confidence.