How To Make A Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extensions Look Natural

How To Make A Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extensions Look Natural

A bad hair day can ruin and push back the timeline further for the woman who is always on the go and hurrying things up in the morning. What is needed is a quick-fix hairstyle to turn things around and get the job done quicker and faster. The ponytail hairstyles are precisely what you need, and what better way than using a ponytail hair extension to get the desired look quickly.

There are so many variations of ponytail hair extensions in the market that it becomes confusing to choose one. A drawstring ponytail hair extension will do the job quicker and faster, along with giving a natural look to your overall style.

But the question still persists. How do you make a drawstring ponytail hair extension to look natural? Well, we have tried to simplify it for you and lay down the steps to give you the most natural look with hair extensions on! Read on to find out how!


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Tips & Tricks To Ace The Perfect Look

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Drawstring ponytail hair extensions are one of the popular protective hairstyles that practically all naturalists adore. They are so natural and adaptable, yet simple and effortless to style, allowing you to dress them up or down depending on the situation or mood you are in.

Particularly for those busy naturalists who do not have much time or energy to get ready, it really simplifies your daily life.

Following are the exact instructions that you may use to create a natural-looking drawstring ponytail if you are a beginner.


1. Choose Your Natural Texture


The first (and arguably most crucial) advice for making your drawstring ponytail hair extension to look natural is to choose your true hair texture match.

You can avoid the hassle of adjusting your natural hair to blend with your extensions by wearing a ponytail extension that fits your natural curl pattern.

Lines of demarcation will also be eliminated by a good texture match, making it impossible for anyone to distinguish between your original hair and extensions.


2. Detangle & Moisturize

How To Moisturize Ponytail Extensions The Right Way
Detangling Will Moves Long Way


Moisturizing and detangling your ponytail hair extension is a very crucial step to blending your natural hair and hair extensions together. After you detangle your hair, you can use a Denman brush to help give you a sleek and neat look.

When you properly hydrate, wash, and moisturize the hair extensions, you develop a bond that feels and looks like your natural hair. This will help in perfecting the sleek ponytail look as well.


3. Secure The Hair


Now before you go ahead and attach your drawstring ponytail hair extension, you need to secure your hair in a tight-sleek bun. You could also use Indique’s JASS SAY “FREEZE" HAIR SPRAY to give you the perfect hold.

When styling a drawstring ponytail extension, this is important because if your real hair is bun together, it can bring attention to the transition between your hair and your ponytail hair extension.

A fantastic method to attempt if you have longer or fuller hair is to divide your natural ponytail into two braids or twists. After that, wrap them around one another to form a tiny, tight bun.


4. Putting On The Ponytail Hair Extension

How To Install Ponytail Hair Extensions
Nice Volume Put It Right Way


After you have secured your hair away in a bun, it is time to put on the drawstring ponytail hair extension. Clip the comb and pull the strings to secure the extension.

The next step in making your drawstring ponytail hairstyle look natural is to wrap a piece of your extensions around it. When doing so, take a section of hair from the back of your head that is just long enough to cover your drawstring and wrap it around to completely hide the area.

Once you've done this correctly, pin the hair in place with a bobby pin, and you're done with a sleek, natural-looking ponytail hairstyle!



Now you know that your hair can make or break your entire look, so if you are interested in giving yourself a makeover, head straight to Indique’s store that’s near you and log on to our website to get the best match for your ponytail hair extensions.