How To Prep Your Natural Hair Before Wearing A Wig

How To Prep Your Natural Hair Before Wearing A Wig

Have you ever had the temptation to start over when you look in the mirror at your present hairstyle? If the response is "yes," you need to change your current hairstyle asap. You are planning to change the way you look and maybe go blonde, get a pixie cut, or rock some braids—but the idea of making a major change to your natural hair might harm your hair permanently and that will make you more nervous. That's where Wigs come in and can help us with this situation.

Wigs are the perfect protective style since they provide you with the ability to temporarily change your appearance without compromising the health of your natural hair. Although wearing a wig eliminates the daily trouble of styling, it doesn't imply you can skip any hair care altogether. If your hair isn't as healthy when you take off your wig as it was before, what's the point of it all?

So that’s why we have gathered all the information you might need to protect and prep your natural hair before wearing a wig!

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Use a moisturizing shampoo to wash your natural hair

You need to wash your natural hair prior to installing the wig. It is that basic! It is the single most important thing that you can do for your hair before you wear the wig.

A sweaty scalp or product buildup, dirt can cause itchiness and dandruff and can hamper your scalp’s health. And if you happen to wear a wig without washing your hair it may add up and might put your scalp in harms way.

It is advisable to use a hydrating shampoo for your hair and don’t go no more than two weeks without cleaning your hair and scalp.

Step 2: Braid Your Hair To Avoid Knots Underneath

Braid them down

In addition to making sure your wig looks real, braiding your hair under a wig has the added advantage of reducing matting. We can't just pat down our fros and then put on our wigs since our curly hair tends to grow in bunches. We should braid our natural hair into cornrows or even tiny twists before donning our wigs. This will guarantee that we maintain our hair in the most stretched position possible throughout the protective style. We will also be better able to detangle our pre-sectioned hair once it's time to take a break from wigs.

Step 3: Deep Condition Your Braids

Use a deep conditioner to keep the braids moisturized

Spend more time deep conditioning your strands if you want to wear the braids underneath your wig for several days at a time. You should start with extremely hydrated hair before getting cornrows so that it doesn't fall off when you attach wig clips to it.

It is advised that you use this powerful hydrating treatment from Indique Design Essentials, which repairs and gives shine to dull, dry hair, as soon as you get out of the shower to ensure that your hair is hydrated and deep conditioned.

Step 4: Care For Your Scalp

Scalp care for natural hair under the wig

Wearing a wig doesn’t ease you off the responsibility of caring for your hair and scalp underneath. You might not be able to do a full cleaning regime of your scalp but you can ensure to clean them atleast once a week. Use light oils like argan oil to seal in the moisture. You can also massage your scalp weekly to help with circulation. At any time if you feel your hair and scalp health is deteriorating, you can take the wig out and remove the braids and attend to your scalp properly.

Step 5: Avoid Sleeping With Your Wig

Take a break from wearing wigs

It may seem harmless to sleep with your wig on, but if you can remove it at night, you should definitely do so. No matter if you're sleeping or not, wearing a wig that's too tight might lead to traction alopecia due to friction along the hairline. You should let your hair follicles breathe time and again.

Some people prefer to sew their wigs in place, which makes it difficult to remove them before night. In that situation, make sure you don't wear sew in wigs for longer time and give yourself a break every 2-3 weeks.


To conclude, taking care of your natural hair underneath the wigs is an important step and cannot be messed with.

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