Women’s Day Edit:Decoding Box Braids Of Modern Influential Black Icons

Women’s Day Edit:Decoding Box Braids Of Modern Influential Black Icons

Beauty with brains isn't just a fairy tale—it's a living, breathing reality that today's world proudly celebrates! You don't have to ditch the glitz and glamour to make a difference in society. In fact, you can rock your braided style and still uplift others. That's the vibe we're diving into today, focusing on some amazing Black American icons who've not only rocked the world with their talent but also with their killer fashion choices, especially their iconic box braids.

Simone Biles

Less is braidful

Okay, let's kick things off with the absolute queen of gymnastics, Simone Biles! This 26-year-old dynamo has made history time and again, from slaying the Summer Olympics to being a People's Choice Award nominee. She's the inspiration we all need, especially for young girls doubting their own athletic abilities. Simone shows us that the sky's the limit!

Now, let's talk about her box braids. Simone keeps it simple yet chic with tightly twisted braids, perfect for those intense training sessions. Her braids have this subtle copper tint that adds that golden touch. Want a low-maintenance, super stylish look? Take a leaf out of Simone's book and go for these classic box braids.


Braided to perfection!

Next up, we've got the one and only Rihanna! Not only does she have killer music that makes us want to shine bright like diamonds, but she's also a boss in the makeup game. Fenty Beauty? Yeah, that's all her, breaking barriers with a foundation range that embraces all skin tones. Rihanna's empowering approach has made black women everywhere feel seen and celebrated.

Let's talk box braids. Rihanna goes for a bold dark wood rose shade that's all about playing with colors. In the sunlight, it's a fiery red or rusty hue, and in the shadows, it takes on those deep brown tones. Just like Rihanna herself, her box braids are all about that versatility and confidence. Embrace the spectrum!

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Quinta Brunson

Braids: the ultimate accessory

Now we've got the hilarious Quinta Brunson! This woman's wit is as sharp as her style, earning her some well-deserved Golden Globe awards. Quinta proves that being funny isn't just a talent—it's a superpower! She's the ultimate role model for anyone who thinks humor won't get them anywhere. Spoiler alert: it totally can!

Now, let's break down Quinta's braids. Picture chunky highlight braids scattered strategically throughout her hair. These braids aren't just a style choice—they're a statement! They put the spotlight on your gorgeous features, just like Quinta herself.

Michelle Obama

Braids and good vibes

Alright, let's continue this celebration with a true gem, Michelle Obama! It's safe to say she's earned her spot as one of America's most cherished First Ladies. As a writer, she didn't just make waves—she made tsunamis. Her mission to tackle child obesity was more than just talk; she raised awareness and inspired action across the nation.

While serving as First Lady, Michelle was all about supporting NGOs and uplifting marginalized communities. She used her influence wisely, shining a light on important causes that needed attention.

Now, let's talk style! Michelle's iconic braided high-up ponytail is the epitome of class meets power. Need to rock a semi-formal event where you want to exude fierceness and elegance? This hairstyle is your go-to, hands down.


Braid goals

Next up, we've got the one and only Queen Bee herself—Beyoncé! This powerhouse isn't just a singer; she's a force of nature. Beyoncé's music isn't just catchy—it's empowering, especially for women. And when it comes to box braids, she took it to the next level with her "lemonade braids," inspired by her album "Lemonade."

To rock box braids like Beyoncé, think tiny and detailed. Part your hair down the middle and weave those braids with some authentic beads for that extra oomph. This look screams edge and glamour, perfect for any occasion. Play around with the beads to switch up your style—it's all about owning your look!

Ava DuVernay

Braids speak louder than words

Let's talk about a visionary in the world of filmmaking—Ava DuVernay! She's shown that the film industry isn't just a boys' club. With grace and acceptance, Ava has carved her path to success, inspiring young women everywhere.

Ava's work as a filmmaker and screenwriter has touched hearts and earned her numerous awards, including Emmy and BAFTA TV awards. She's even been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature—the first Black woman to do so!

For Ava's signature look, go for the braided bun half-updo. It's the perfect blend of casual and professional, just like Ava herself. Pair it with collared shirts for a sleek work look or glam it up with gowns—it's all about versatility!

Ruth E.Carter

Slaying with braids.

Last but certainly not least, let's give it up for Ruth E.Carter! This woman is a creative genius, especially when it comes to costume design. Her work on "Black Panther" earned her an Oscar, and rightly so. Her designs were not just costumes—they were powerful statements of Black excellence.

Ruth's creations blend the richness of culture with a modern twist, showcasing the strength and beauty of Black women. Take her big Jumbo braids, for example. Rustic yet modern, with a touch of blonde and a crimped effect—these braids are a work of art. If you're looking to mix modern flair with classic roots, go for the big Jumbo gold-tinted braids.


And there you have it, folks! We've celebrated some of the most iconic Black women of our time, highlighting their incredible box braids along the way. Why box braids was put in spotlight as hairstyle this women's day? Because they're not just a hairstyle—they're a symbol of Black American culture, now embraced by people of all backgrounds.

In a world that's becoming more inclusive, these women show us that being modern, visionary, and true to ourselves is not only liberating but empowering. So, channel your inner icon, starting with those box braids. Happy Women's Day to all the amazing women out there—keep shining! 💫