We're always told to protect our hair during summer months, but winter comes with its own set of issues. If you live in an area where the colder season means frigid temperatures, out of control winds and that always fun mix of snow, sleet and ice, here's our guide for the most efficient ways to protect your crowning glory.

1. Conditioning

Cold weather mixed with dry heat saps hair of moisture. Hair that is brittle breaks extremely easily, so the most important thing to do during winter is deep condition regularly and use a more intensive daily conditioner.

2. Heated Appliances

Do your absolute best to avoid using heated appliances as much as you normally would. Flat irons, curling irons and even blow dryers dry your strands out like crazy and should be used only when necessary.

3. Headgear

In addition to freezing temperatures, the sun can be as damaging to your hair in winter as it is in summer. Be sure not to leave your house without adding a cute scarf, fedora, beanie or any kind of hat that matches your outfit.

4. Regular Trims

Getting your hair trimmed every four weeks is mandatory to maintain its healthiness. If you're maintaining the length, trim half an inch each time and remember a good quality pair of sharp styling shears is mandatory. If you're actively trying to grow your hair, trim half an inch every other month to prevent breakage.

5. Non-Clarifying Shampoos

"Clarifying" shampoos strip the gunk left in your hair from product build-up: mousses, gels, hair spray and more. While they obviously have a purpose, it's best to avoid them during colder months as they can also remove protective oils from the hair shaft (which you need in harsher weather). If you must use them, look for gentle versions.