Virgin Hair That Can Make Your Hairstyles Limitless

Virgin Hair That Can Make Your Hairstyles Limitless

What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin is a rather potent term. In the world of hair, the word "virgin" means that hair has not been treated with heat or chemicals, including dyes; it's also never been chemically processed. Virgin remy hair extensions means the best quality hair for extension purposes. And that is why it's preferred by so many ladies these days who want to enjoy that long and beautiful head of hair they have always wanted but couldn’t because their natural hair was damaged in one way or another.


So What is virgin hair after all? We’re all born with it! Whether you still have your natural hair, sans any color or chemical treatments, or you’ve chopped it all off for a fresh start, you still have virgin hair. 

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Where is it sourced from?

Mainly it is collected from young women in China and India. Young women in these countries often sell their hair to a hair dealer and the hair dealer makes bundles of virgin hair. While in India it is mainly sourced from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh where people offer their hair as a mark of a religious offering.

Why virgin hair is widely used?

So when it comes to the hair industry one product that catches your attention is virgin hair. Virgin hair is a very dependable product. It is the most sought after product by every manufacturer. This is so because it can be customized in various ways, as per the requirement of each client.


The hair can be permed, colored, straightened, curled and bleached. This kind of hair extension tends to last longer than other hair extensions which are chemically processed. Hair colorists prefer using virgin hair because of its strength. Virgin hair is structurally stronger than chemically treated hair and can withstand most  processes  better.

Types Of Hair Extension

So now, when we have understood what virgin hair is and why it is preferred over other hair in the industry, let’s now look at some of the different types of extensions that use virgin hair. The type of hair extensions that are used vary from the ways in which it is enclosed in the natural hair.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape In Human Hair Extensions
Tape In Human Hair Extensions

These are a type of temporary hair extension consisting of two pieces of polyurethane, velcro-backed weft of hair secured at the top with sticky tabs that are usually attached to your real hair.


These extensions are a type of hair piece that adds volume, length, and color to your hair temporarily while you wait for your natural hair to grow out. They are generally attached with small tabs on the top of each piece and you can choose from a variety of colors that blend in well with your natural ones.


They are typically applied with a glue or tape such as bonnet liner and hair pins, where the second piece makes its way around the head to fasten itself to the first.


The adhesives used can be water-based acrylic liquids or latex solutions with either alcohol or acetone, both known for causing skin irritations and allergies in some people. If maintained properly, tape extensions can last a few weeks.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip In Human Hair Extensions
Clip In Human Hair Extensions

The quickest and easiest way to change your hair from short to long length is with the help of clip-in virgin human hair extensions. They are wefts of hair with clips attached at the top. You can take them out, wash them and re-use them later. They are great for anyone who wants to experiment with hair extensions for the first time. It normally takes around 10-15 min to put them on and you can do it yourself without the need of a professional.

Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew In Human Hair Extensions
Sew In Human Hair Extensions

These hair extensions can be sewn into your hair using a needle and thread at a moderately priced salon. To achieve these results, your natural hair will first be tightly braided in cornrows. Then, the extensions are laid over this braid and stitched directly into it. This service typically takes 2-3 hours to complete depending on the body length and thickness of your hair. The lifespan of these hair weaves is between 6-8 weeks and they shouldn't be left in longer than 3-4 months

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Ponytail Human Hair Extensions
Ponytail Human Hair Extensions

Ponytail extensions are mainly used to give some volume and length to your natural hair. They are usually secured via a clip onto your ponytail and then wrapped around with the hair on the extension to give it a neat clean look, hiding away the wefts on the extensions. Since the hair used is virgin hair, it can be styled in any way you prefer. You might also get Ariana Grande vibe wearing these extensions.

There are many more types of extensions that are available in the market. Like clip on bangs extensions, fringe extensions, halo extensions, frontal and back closures. They all have specific uses to them and can be styled in numerous ways.


Virgin hair wigs/ extensions  are widely used as they are made of the best quality human hair. They are quite easy to style and are long lasting with minimal maintenance. You can have long lasting curls or go to straight and sleek. Hair stylists all around the globe prefer to work with Virgin Indian Hair as it is resilient and can withstand harsh chemicals needed to style new looks.


One can safely say that it is the most dependable product in the hair industry and that is why is the cost of 100 virgin human hair is more. No one can make out the difference between your natural hair and the extensions. So what are you waiting for, get an appointment now and give yourself the makeover you always wanted with virgin human hair extensions.