Valentines Day Hair to Heels : Celeb Lookbook to Fall In Love Again!

Valentines Day Hair to Heels : Celeb Lookbook to Fall In Love Again!

Fashion and celebrities go hand in hand. What is trending, what is the “new hot” celebs know the best. And women wish to look best when they are in love. Be it being in love with “that special one” or themselves. So, as the day of love is approaching, we thought of sharing a complete lookbook right from valentine day hairstyles to makeup, outfit and accessories that you can recreate and celebrate your special moments. So, lets get started.

1. Jlo White Gown

Break wedding stereotype

Who said white gowns are for D-day, they can be for V-day too. Looking glamorous and dropping them the hint (wink!wink!). Get your Valentine hair dipped in the shades of subtle golden Browns, and wear the white gown that matches the aesthetic, but still is dazzling enough to make it special just like queen JLo did. If you can’t wear such a deep neck, you can also wear some fancy chain on neck jewelry.

2. Zendaya With Belt Look

Formal is Chic

This cute couple never fails to amuse us, and when it comes to Zendaya, her fashion is always on point. So freestyle yet so elegant. To carry this look, you have to wear sheer black stockings and over that classic trench coat dress with the wide belt.. Look how bouncy and wavy hair she is carrying, which is the main accessory of her look. It looks so pretty and gorgeous. The best part about this look is that even in cold winters it can keep you comfortable.

3. Priyanka Side Swept

Paris Fashion Vibes for Day Brunch

The love story that breaks the barriers of country, culture and ages is definitely breaking the fashion charts. See this global star with her leather boots and graphic dress. The basics black and charcoal brown valentine hair can be done easily to have a fantastic retro classic vibes. This will look pep and is suitable for all my boss ladies on a movie dat or french restaurant brunch.

4. Ciara Curl Fluff

Romantic pink velvet is always a winner

Here comes the Valentine look with the valentine color team red. That silky fabric texture that sets smooth on the body gives it very romantic feminine and delicate energy. To do this look, focus on curly hair and will look so gorgeously divine with subtle makeup. If done right, this look will not only make people fall in love with you. But you will fall in love with yourself more.

5. Beyonce Net Dress

Queen Bee Always Rule In Fashion

Oh here comes the queen bee with her royal look that oozes out glam and love. This high-end valentines look is very easy to recreate. You have to get the midi dress silhouette and with sheer net fabric and strap heels just channel her vibes and be ready for pretty date night. You can add the fur scarf on your shoulder to just elevate the royalness of this attire. Smart tip- if you can’t find the net dress. Wear a bodycon dress on and then put a net skirt above to get a similar look.

6. Michael Keegan Leopard Look

Love is wild!

Leopard never goes out of fashion just like true love (awww music in background). Well, to create this classic look, firstly get shiny tan spray. Decide you want golden leopard print, black or brown and then choose the aesthetic of the whole get up accordingly. Finish it off dainty jewelry and be ready to slay.

7. Latex Kylie

If kylie did it, then it was "fashionably" right"

When it comes to fashion and Kylie is not mentioned it is impossible. Just as impossible it is to not fall in love with this extra glamorous look she wore with a shiny latex dress. Monochromatic look with dark shades and heels and bling purse just finished off the look in style. You can have this hairstyle in 2 minutes and to carry this whole look will not be the work of more than 15 minutes.


Finally we are at the end of the blog after resourcing all the items for each look that can create a similar vibe which carries a “perfect date aesthetic”. Easy valentine hairstyles with Indique hair and the matching outfits will be love at first sight. So fall in love with yourself via Indique.