Hair Color Makeover You Need This Valentine's Day

Hair Color Makeover You Need This Valentine's Day

There are numerous ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, like with candy hearts, lovey-dovey cards, a big night out (or a nice night in). Anyone can wear a red or pink dress and call it a day, but only a true, devoted admirer of everything February 14 has to offer will go all out with a color scheme that would make Cupid both happy and envious!

Use the occasion to experiment with romantic hues, whether swoon-worthy red, a fashionable violet, or a splash of bubblegum pink, whatever is your calling, and get yourself perfect valentine’s day hairstyles.

So book an appointment with your hair colorist first, and then get ready to slay your day of love with your special someone.

Get motivated by these colorful looks by reading on and then schedule a date with your colorist. After all, it's pretty much impossible to sulk about your love life when you look this wonderful.

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Pink Balayage

valentine's day hair
Valentines day hair with the color of love

Still trying to decide whether to commit to an all-over, vibrant color for your valentines day hair? Try out this soft pink balayage. Golden brown, honey, and pinky-lilac colors combine to produce a style that is first fairly natural but has a hint of fun and flair.

However, if you want to add even more flair, you can get two shades of pink. It has twice the youthful effect and twice as much pleasure!

Light Brown

valentine's day hair color
Color that brings subtle sheen

You can make a subtle change by adding a little brown to the ends of your hair. This minor element might give your tresses more depth. What's best? Simply snip the ends off when you want to change them.

Brown colors look great, but check out this brown and rose gold combination. It's stunning beyond words! You can work around with pink lipstick to add in some color while letting your valentines day hair with corkscrew curls making you stand out.

Fiery Red

valentine's day braids hair
Fiery red perfect valentine’s day hair color

This fiery red box braids hairstyle will light up the fashion scene. This style's eye-catching red color will draw everyone's attention and put you at the top of the fashion game. If you're feeling very bold, dye your eyebrows the same fiery shade as your braids and tie them up in a half bun to really get everyone talking about your valentines hairstyle.

This is a playful variation on box braids and a terrific way to try out new hair colors without committing. Your appearance can be drastically altered by simply putting a burst of color on a few strands.

Go Blonde

valentine's day 613 hair
Go bold with blonde

Experiment freely with bright hair colors like blonde. Black ladies with blonde hair convey a sense of strength and boldness against their skin tones. You will definitely make some heads turn with this cute valentines day hairstyle.

By giving your hair golden highlights, you can further enhance the warmth of the color. On natural hair, highlights may be made even more adaptable by brushing them out, which results in an entirely new appearance because the blonde highlights provide the ideal counterpoint to the darker roots. If you don't want to bleach your own hair you can always go for 613 hair color extensions!


valentine's day hair 2023
Purple hues for your valentine’s day hair color

This lavender is yet another shade, a very delicate cotton candy lavender. The vibrant, cold color highlights your personality and offers a sense of adventure. As previously stated, Valentine's Day is all about change, and this color will undoubtedly turn heads. In actuality, extremely peri is the color of the year, making it the most popular. Choose a lilac shade of it to show off your sense of style.

For Valentine's Day, consider highlighting a few strands of your hair with this vibrant color and add loose curls to create a valentine’s day hairstyle you will never forget.

Peacock Blue

valentine's day hair idea
A different color to try this Valentine’s

The peacock blue hair color is another in-demand hairstyle for 2023, and what better day than Valentine's Day to experiment with it? It produces a beautiful appearance and appears the finest towards the ends of the hair locks.

The finest feature of this hair color is its gorgeous appearance on all hair lengths. Peacock blue dazzles in every hairstyle, whether it be a small bob or a long, dense style.

Rose Gold

valentine's day hair color 2023
Subtle yet powerful for cute valentines day hair color

This year is all about trying out brand-new looks. People are using bolder hues and shades of color that have never been seen before. The pastel pink color family includes rose gold hair color. This color has a slight hint of pink and copper, making it appear incredibly voguish.

Try a rose gold ombre or rose gold highlights for a stylish Valentine's Day hairstyle. This color is already popular, making it the ideal choice for someone who is afraid to experiment too much. Try it, and you'll undoubtedly become obsessed with it.


Chic valentine's day hair
Get an instant glow with auburn hair color

Auburn hair is the thing for someone who is not looking for a rapid transformation. It may still alter how you appear as a whole, though. Your entire look for valentine’s day will still be transformed and make you stand out.

Consider how much your skin glows in contrast to the auburn hair color if you decide to go that route.


Yes, the long-planned hair makeover is now ready to happen! What could be better than surprising your special someone this Valentine's Day with some creative hairstyles with a new hair color makeover. Consult your hairstylist to determine the ideal technique and color for you. Show off your vibrantly colored valentine's day hair during this romantic season.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more temporary solution for your hair color makeover for Valentine’s day you can always try our human hair extensions, which can be customized in any color of your liking and will give you the freedom to go back to your natural hair color anytime you desire.