Straighten Your Curly Hair Extensions Without Any Damage

Straighten Your Curly Hair Extensions Without Any Damage

Do you also get bored with your current hairstyle and think of changing it? Don't worry, you are not alone in this, and there are others besides you who want to do exactly this. After the excitement of your new curly hair extensions wears off, you can feel the need for a fresh hairstyle. Fortunately, you can get a new style by straightening your curly hair extensions.

Sounds interesting. Continue reading for instructions on how to straighten your curly hair extensions and some tips to get the curls back without damaging your precious hair extensions.

We will let you in on all our secrets to straighten your curly hair extensions without ruining them forever.


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Type Of Hair Used In Hair Extensions Matters

Hair Types in Hair Extensions
Change up your curly hair extensions whenever you want


The type of hair extensions you have before deciding to straighten your curly hair extensions plays a major part in the final process. Heat cannot be applied to synthetic hair, and it gets difficult to manage them.

You must be careful to choose the right extensions when using human hair. Your curly extensions' ability to revert to their original shape and form after being exposed to heat depends on the quality of the extensions, which is crucial.

Buying your curly hair extensions from Indique Hair will give you an edge over other types of hair extensions in the market. The curly hair texture in Indique’s curly hair extensions is natural, and the hair is chemical-free, meaning that it will always revert back to its original curly form.

Make sure to conduct thorough research before selecting curly hair extensions. You don't want to risk damaging them when you straighten them, especially if you plan to someday go back to having curly hair someday.


Preparing Your Curly Hair Extensions For Straightening

Hair Types Matters
The type of hair matters


  • Your hair must be ready before you decide to straighten your curly hair extensions. Light moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can effectively clean your extensions. Always choose gentle shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions.

  • After rinsing the product off, use towels to dry your extensions. Before using your hair dryer, give it around 20 minutes to air dry naturally.

  • Make sure that tangles or knots are in your curly hair extensions by gently combing and brushing them. Your curly hair extensions will be simpler to straighten thanks to this procedure. You may quickly straighten your extensions if they are clean, slightly dry, and knots-free.

  • You must apply a heat protectant to your hair before using any hot tools. When it comes to extensions and natural hair, heat protection is essential. Make sure you buy one that will serve its purpose before purchasing.


Straighten Those Curls

straightening Curly Hairs
Prepare your curly hair extensions for straightening them.


  • Now take out a blow dryer and put it in a cool setting when using it. Blow-dry your curly hair extensions carefully while brushing or combing them from roots to ends.

  • Continue this until your hair feels completely dry. Your curls will be simpler to revive after straightening if you apply less heat.

  • Following blow drying, begin using a straightener. It's essential to use the lowest setting on your straightener. Although it will take longer, you'll be glad you did it later. Also ensure that you are using a good hair straightner for hair extensions.  

  • While blow-drying your hair, make sure your hair is divided into sections. The procedure will be more tidy as a result.

  • Make sure each portion is straight and smooth by going through it. Along the way, use the essential product. If you only have a short amount of time, feel free to turn up the heat, but be careful how much.


Reversing Back To Curls

Carefully straighten Curly Hairs
Carefully straighten your curly hair extensions.

To start, you should wash out the straightening of your extensions. To wash your hair extensions properly you need to wret your extensions first. If you purchased the right extensions, that might be all you need, but if not, you'll also need to apply a curling shampoo and conditioner.

You should softly shampoo your extensions after wetting the hair. After rinsing the shampoo off, add the curling conditioner and leave it on for 10 minutes to sit.

The curls should now begin to return at this moment. You should comb through with your fingers while you rinse your curly hair extensions out.


It can be quite a task to straighten curly hair extensions. But if you follow the guidelines mentioned above, everything should work out just well. With your Indique curly hair extensions, don't be scared to experiment with a new look.