Easy Steps to Achieve Afro Curls at Home

Easy Steps to Achieve Afro Curls at Home

The afro is a timeless popular hairstyle for both men and women. This is kinky curly hair texture is made of teased spiral and zig-zag patterned hair. Afro hair appears denser when compared to straight, wavy, or curly hair.


If you are looking forward to achieving those gorgeous afro curls at home, then look no further! Here’s how you can get afro curls at home:


Prep Your Hair For Those Curls

How To get Curly hair
Prep Your Hair For Those Curls

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Prepare your hair for a dose of hydration, and there’s nothing better than meeting hydration requirements by taking a shower. Wash hair with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Healthy hair is the strong foundation for easy hair styling.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Hair Products For Curly Hair
Let The Hair Dry Naturally

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If you have time in hand, air dry your hair, or you can blow-dry it. Blow-dry your hair on a cool setting with a diffuser. Dry your hair about 75% dry.


Moisturize your hair with hair cream, and then create jumbo block braids or twists. Depending on your hair thickness, the drying process can take longer. Allow your hair to air-dry overnight or use a hooded dryer to completely dry before moving to the next step.

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Control & Define Your Curls

Curly Crochet Hair
Control And Define Your Curls

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We tend to like our curls at a certain stage i.e, "second day hair." If you like more defined curls beside to use more of a gel-like product when setting your twist.


Otherwise a moisturizing mousse will do. Untangle your hair with your fingers. Apply hair cream or gel to separate and define your afro curls.


This is called the shingling method. This method produces curls with maximum definition, minimizes frizz, and offers bouncy and elongated curls.

Keep Tangles At Bay With Afro Pick

Curly Hair with Bangs
Keep Tangles At Bay With Afro Pick

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Rub a little of a light hair serum, like argan oil on your fingertips. Undo the braids or twists. Use an afro pick to fluff out your hair to create hair and fullness. To add volume to the roots, use your blow-dryer on medium for a shot of heat while stretching the texture.

Follow A Night Routine To Get Those Curls

Curly Hair Routine
Night Routine To Get Those Curls

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When you go to bed, protect your curls in a satin bonnet to protect them from friction and frizziness. Also tying your hair up in a pineapple style help to prevent flattening curls. Follow these steps and all you have to do is wake up and fluff!

Morning Routine For Afro Curls

The first thing you should do in the morning is take off the bonnet, shake your curls to revive your hair, and apply a little natural hair oil if needed. Separate your curls and stretch them out.


Spray some water or a hair refresher to bring more definition to your hair. It also helps hold the curl shape throughout the day. Take your pick and gently run it through the hair for big, beautiful afro curls.


Now that you have achieved afro curls, you also have to know how to care for them properly.Following a strict weekly wash and conditioning hair routine will certainly keep your afro curls healthy, bouncy and hydrated.

Easy and Effective Tips for Maintaining Afro Curls

Let us look some bonus tips for healthy looking afro curls below.

Wash Your Curls

Shampoo your curls once a week to keep them moisturized and hydrated. A gentle shampoo will clean your scalp without stripping it of its natural, protective oils, known as sebum.

Condition Your Afro

Shampoo for curly hair
Condition Your Afro Hair

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Use a conditioner on your hair but know that it works best for thick and curly hair. Use products such as mousses that have a leave-in conditioner to prevent knots and tangles after washing your hair.

Never Comb Wet Hair

wet hair extensions
Never Comb Wet Hair

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Be extremely gentle on your hair when it is wet, as hair strands are more prone to breakage when wet. Always use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush that will not snag the hair such as a Denman brush.

Oil Treatment

Curly hair, especially afro hair, is needs hydration. Adhering to regular conditioning and hydration (steam) treatments will keep your curls glossy, moisturized, and healthy.


Achieving and maintaining afro curls is not as complicated as it looks. With a bit of effort and a steady routine, you can look amazing and rock your afro curls like a pro.