Is Indique Hair Worth The Price? Know How And Why.

Is Indique Hair Worth The Price? Know How And Why.

Quality often comes with a price, a saying familiar to us since childhood. Explaining why Indique is worth every penny requires a rational examination of how we ensure its commitment to quality.

For those skeptics questioning Indique's credibility and wanting assurance that every dollar spent on hair extensions is an investment, this blog is essential reading. Let's delve into it all.


Firstly, let's address the issue of hair quality. Indique uses extensions made from 100% natural human hair, preferably virgin Remy Indian hair—recognized globally as the most premium hair quality. Why? Because:

  • They are virgin hair, untouched by chemical procedures, ensuring purity.

  • They are made from Indian hair, genetically possessing high protein content and strength for a voluminous look.

  • They are generally Remy, sourced from a single donor to ensure optimal cuticle alignment and perfection.

With meticulous checkpoints for sourcing each piece of extension, the inevitable result is a higher price tag.


How To Get Best?

As stated, Indique sources its hair from India and mainly from South East Asia. These regions offer premium quality hair for extensions due to the genetics of healthy, shiny hair. The hair are humid resistant with thicker strands for longer durability. Importantly, the sourcing adheres to ethical standards, avoiding any exploitation of the underprivileged. Moral and clean sourcing naturally adds to the price.


Indique places significant emphasis on quality craftsmanship. After sourcing the best hair, it ensures a meticulous process of tying and transforming it into extensions. A thorough inspection precedes listing the extension for sale.

  • Hair is fetched from a single donor, ensuring clean cuticle alignment.

  • The hair undergoes an innovative steaming process to temper the texture.

  • For non-Remy hair, they are dyed in a 1B tone for a seamless look.

The outcome is perfect, as the hair is not only derived from the best sources but also treated with various processes for optimal results.

Top Sellers Of Indique Hair



Indique's reputation for good hair is well-deserved, with positive feedback across various platforms. From celebrities like Rihanna to models like Taisyn Crutchfield, everyone praises Indique hair extensions for their quality.


It's Ikhanic!

Acknowledgment from top fashion platforms like Allure to Cosmopolitan lists Indique among the top five hair extension brands. Iconic celebrities, including Chaka Khan, have even collaborated with Indique for their own hair extension lines. This recognition emphasizes Indique's commitment to quality and aligns with the values and standards of iconic individuals. Also Indique is found by a Black woman Ericka Dotson, so she knows how important is the quality and wearability of the wigs to women and that is why the checkpoints are assessed thoroughly.

Brand Value:

Indique is synonymous with premium quality, worn by the majority of celebrities at events like the Met Gala. Celebrities, such as Ariana Grande, have collaborated with Indique for ponytail hair extensions, showcasing its reputation among users and providing authenticity and true

In Conclusion

Investing $300 in Indique is a decision backed by a remarkable experience, user-friendliness, and value that easily justifies a cost equivalent to $1000 or more. Indique not only ensures top-notch quality but also instills trust in authenticity and craftsmanship, making every dollar spent worthwhile.

Indique stands unwavering in its commitment to value, evident in its brick-and-mortar stores that welcome customers to personally inspect the quality and make informed decisions. Indique is unafraid, except when it comes to ensuring a positive customer experience. Consequently, when pricing extensions, the consideration extends beyond immediate value—it is designed with the intent for them to be worn throughout their shelf life, emphasizing the enduring commitment to quality.