Strands of Deception: The Untold Secrets Of Real Hair Wig

Strands of Deception: The Untold Secrets Of Real Hair Wig

The hair extension industry is increasing massively because of the worldwide love women have shown for hair extensions. Especially the wigs from real hair have gained a huge market, but many fewer people know that this market involves some dirty dark secrets that are very important for users to know so that they can grab their hands on the authentic extensions from legend resources.

So, this blog will be highlighting some of the Dark realities of the hair extension industry.

1. Unauthorized Source

Unauthorized Hair Sources
Hair Market or Fish Market?

Many wigs are made from real hair or not necessarily coming from authentic sources. They might come from blacklisted hair dealers, who indulge in smuggling the hair or fetch the hair from sources that are not procured illegally. From these kinds of sources, there is a very strong chance that the hair comes off as non-genuine hair quality, or the main source is unethical.

2. Bonded Laborers

Bonded Laborers For Hairs
Jobs Imposed

It is also one type of unauthorized procurement way, where women are specially given money to grow their hair, and then offer them the money. Women are given hormonal medicines too for growing hair faster. This kind of business is very toxic and heavy mentally plus physically and that is why many countries have banned wigs from real hair that is made from this method. Especially the wigs made from real hair coming from China or Vietnam have this bonded labor system and that is why are not considered well.

3. Wrong Marketing

Advertising of Wrong Hairs
Delivering Beyond Reality Fantasies

Almost 95% of people don’t know what is the difference between Remy hair and human hair extensions. People often manipulate the words and sell the non-Remy hair as wigs from real hair in the purest form. But it is half-truth only. These wigs are definitely made from real hair, but their cuticles are not aligned. So whenever, you are buying wigs from real hair, make sure they are Remy.

How To Get Authentic Wigs From Real Hair?

Authentic & Real Indique Hairs
True Quality From Ethical Sources

It is understandable that after hearing the secret, you might have gotten afraid that should you buy wigs from real hair or not. Well, of course, you can because although these dark things actively work in the industry, at the same time, there are brands like Indique that deal in authentic legally sourced virgin Remy hair. These hair are sourced from Indian temples through legal means which therefore then make your wigs from real hair authentic.


Final Words...

So, in last, we will only say that having beautiful wigs is not difficult, but having wigs from real hair, that also comes from authentic sources can be a little hassle. But if you buy from trusted and globally acknowledged brands, like Indique, you do not need to feel insecure about the source and their authenticity because they are hundred percent right by all means. Legally, the Quality and procurement process- everything is professional and ethical.