5 Wig Buying Mistakes That Could Cost $100K Over The Next 10 Years

5 Wig Buying Mistakes That Could Cost $100K Over The Next 10 Years

Today the wig has made itself a staple purchase for a transforming new look. Whether it is long straight hair or coarse curls, all can be conveniently possible with wigs, which is the most important reason a wig is a must.


However, you should be extremely careful while purchasing a wig because if you buy the wrong product or try to cut the cost by saving hacks, it may cost you more than $100K over 10 years!


If you want to prevent making mistakes, check out this blog to learn what are 5 mistakes you can avoid to save money. Let's start!


Buying Non-Remy Wig

Non Remy Wig


Non-Remy hair is human hair, which is why many people consider it a good quality product on a budget. The fact is that non-remy hair could cost less, but with every wash, the hair starts falling off from the weft making your wig thinner.


The hair loss of the wig happens after every wash while combing as the cuticles are not aligned well, and then they start getting slightly loose on the weft. As a result, the wig's shelf life is only a couple of months, leading to tripling costs compared to remy hair.


Buying Non-Virgin Wig

Non Virgin Wig


The main purpose of buying a wig is to experiment with your looks in terms of textures, styles, and colors, and what is the purpose of having a wig if you can not create any of these changes?


With non-virgin hair wigs, you can not experiment with colors or styling, and if you do, the hair quality will diminish immediately and make the hair rough and frizzy. If you can not try different looks, you have to buy multiple wigs for multiple textures and colors. As a result, either way, your cost will increase.


Buying Synthetic Wig

Shiny Synthetic Wig


Synthetic wigs are affordable and come in many different colors. They have an artificial hair look that does not give you the confidence to wear them seamlessly in public. Also, with synthetic hair wigs, washing makes your wig stale and frizzy over time, limiting its total wearing time.


Another drawback is that they are not heat-friendly; if you try to heat style them, the hair strands might melt. As a result, affordable-looking synthetic wigs now multiply the cost by 10 times over a short period.


Buying One Size Wig

One Size Wig


One size does not fit all, especially in wigs. It may get loose or too tight on your head if you buy standard factory-size wigs offering only one wig size. The result could be that even if you have bought a good human remy hair wig, it might look too obvious and fake on installation. Consequently, you will stop wearing it or will not wear it at all.


To avoid this mistake, buy custom-made wigs or wigs that come in multiple sizes. You can choose one that matches your fit.


Buying Single Partition Wig

Single Partition Wig


Buying a wig with a single partition limits your hairstyling options. After some time, you will want to change the style, which is impossible with a single partition.


If you choose a single parted wig and try to change the partition, the weft may get torn, making it defective and non-wearable. The next step could be to buy another wig, adding to your costs. Buy flexible lace wigs that allow you to partition in any direction.


How Indique Saves You?

High Quality Indique Hair Wigs


Indique has a premium range of virgin human hair wigs in different lengths and textures. You can style them, experiment with them, and wash them at home.


The Basic Expense Calculation


The average cost of an Indique wig could be around $300, making it almost $25 a month. Whereas if you buy an affordable low-quality wig for around $100, it will last for about 2 months, costing up to $600 a year! This means you are tripling the cost in 1 year. 10 times this triple cost makes it 30 times the cost of the wig you invested in. Indique quality wigs with long shelf life cost more initially, but you save more in the long run.


Buying a wig is an investment where you should make every penny count. If you commit the 5 wig buying mistakes listed above, the costs will double or triple every month, costing 100K over the next 10 years. So, don't hesitate! Buy quality! Buy Indique!!