Indian Hair - The Best Kind Of Hair For Your Extensions & Wigs

Indian Hair - The Best Kind Of Hair For Your Extensions & Wigs

Indian hair is valued for its versatility and blends nicely with the texture of Black hair. It is regarded as the best of the best by many Black women customers. They can be bleached to a bright white tone, hold curls and retain shine, and take on any color. Indian hair is often referred to as the "Bugatti" of Black hair extensions in reference to the high-end car brand.

The hair industry is estimated to be a $6.13 billion industry, and for what it is worth, they use the best raw materials only (here they being The Hair). The best of the brands use virgin Indian Hair primarily to make hair extensions and wigs. Want to know why Indian hair is the most preferred choice? And what is so special about them that black women only ask for them, let’s find out in the blog below.

Why Is Indian Hair Preferred Over Others?

Wigs of Indian Hair
Indian hair: Epitome of quality


  • Virgin human hair from India is extremely rare. It is highly flexible and resilient in addition to being thick and shiny. As a result, you may style it in whichever way you choose to and it will still look lovely. Also, they can be used for up to 24 months due to their longevity.

  • Almost any hair, especially Caucasian hair, blends well with Indian hair. They act and appear like your own hair since they are real hair. They are silky and resist tangling. A wonderful item for a new you. For many people, it is a form of cost-effective hair extension.

  • It is largely collected from the temples, where people offer it to the Gods as a ritual. This practice has later turned into a profitable business opportunity for the hair industry. The hair is auctioned and sold to the highest bidder and then travels to the warehouses where it is, after rigorous cleaning and sorting process converted into desired hair extensions, hair bundles, or wigs.

  • Indian human hair comes in a variety of natural colors, from black to dark brown and every shade in between. Because virgin hair is never colored and sold in its natural state, hence the name virgin hair, slight color variations between bundles may exist.

  • Customers worldwide like Indian hair because of its length, softness, quality, and texture.

  • The low cost of labor in India enables hair manufacturers to offer hair extensions at a lesser price than those made in other countries. As a result, hair sellers that wish to cut costs as much as possible could choose Indian hair producers as their suppliers.

  • For African-American women who desire to have a stunning wavy style, human hair in India is strongly advised. Smooth and light Indian hair is easy to flat iron and curl.

Frequently Asked Question on Indian Hair

Let's check some commonquest ons with uncommon anwers!

Q1: Is Indian Hair Good For Extensions And Wigs?

A: Indian hair is the most sought after hair for making extensions and wigs. This is so because of its natural thickness, varied texture ranging from straight to wavy to curly. It is also creates a good volume.

Q2: How Long Does Hair Extensions Made From India Last?

A: Indian hair can last anywhere from 1 year to 2 years depending on the care and maintenance it is given. The longevity also depends on how frequently or how long the extensions are worn. For example a sew in extension will last you around 6-8 months, where as clip in hair extensions will last up to a year.

Q3: Where Does Indian Hair Come From?

A: Majority of Indian hair comes from the temples in southern parts of India, where people offer their hair to the Gods as a ritual. These hair are then auctioned and sold to the highest bidder and end up in western countries where they are made into the finest hair extensions and wigs.

Indian vendors also source the hair from barber shops or salons, these hair are called fallen hair.

Q4: What Are The Characteristics Of Indian Human Hair?

A: Indian hair is mostly wavy and sometimes straight. It is dry and has a coarse texture. The hair color varies from brown to black and everything in between. Because of the hair color it works best with most braiding hair and weaving hair for black women.

Q5: Can You Color Indian Hair Extensions?

A: Yes! You can dye extensions made from Indian hair. You can treat them with normal hair dyes and they will yield the same result as your own hair because they are human hair and will respond to dyes or chemical treatments in the same way as your own.

Why Indique Hair Is The Best In Business?

PURE Hair: A Collection Of quality


Indique as a brand is very conscious in providing the best of hair extensions and wigs to their customers and knows the human hair industry unlike any other. While many other companies simply sell a private labeled product available to be sold by anyone, they own and operate their own overseas factories and domestic operations to ensure total control of the process from start to finish.

Indique’s Pure collection is the testament to their best in class quality and their endeavour to give to their customers completely natural and untouched hair extensions made from virgin Indian Remy Hair. Since the hair in this collection has not been altered in any way, it has the ability to be manipulated with any hot tool and return to its natural state.

You will never a find a strand of synthetic hair or animal fiber mixed in their hair. The hair is never mixed with several lengths. In fact, mixing hair is not a step in their production process. They pre-select the hair to find the absolute best quality to export to USA and Europe. No mixing involved. Always the donor’s natural hair length is used.

And because of all these qualities Indique Hair is the best in business and is the no 1 choice of women across US.