Guide To Buying Sew-In Hair Texture According To Your Face Shape

Guide To Buying Sew-In Hair Texture According To Your Face Shape

Your hair is very important in determining your face shape, whether experimenting with hairstyles to give face cut illusions or doing halo effect hair streaks for face-framing. Do you know that hair texture also plays a very important part in face-framing?


With the abundance of sew-in hair extensions available in the market today, you can change your face cut with the desired hair texture. The texture that is best for your face shape will be discussed in this blog.


The blog will give insights about face shape measurements and the sew-in textures that complement this face shape. Please scroll down to see.


Round Face: Straight Hair Sew-in Extensions


If the length of your face matches its width, it means you have a round face. If your cheeks are very plump, that also adds to the width of your face, which eventually makes it round.


In such face shapes, you need to have hair that cuts down the width to give the oval face shape effect, and that is why straight sew-in hair extensions would be the right choice for you. Buying straight sew-in hair will cover the cheeks with straight flat hair to minimize the wideness and give sharpness.


Square Face: Wavy Hair Sew-in Extensions


If the jawlines are very sharp with significant angular lines, and your cheekbones are the widest portion of the face, you have a square face shape. The sharp jawlines make the chin narrow and pointy. To add body wave hair will balance your face.


The slight volume with S-shape hair will bring the weight down the cheekbones and also subside the narrowness of the chin to give you an oval or oblong face cut illusion. Keeping the middle-parted sew-in hair extensions to shoulder-length will complement your face cut at its best.


Diamond Face: Curly Hair Sew-in Extensions


You have a diamond face cut if you have a very long face with a pointy chin plus the forehead area is very sharp and less visible with wide cheekbones. To balance the sharpness or pointiness of the face top and bottom, you are suggested to add deep coily curly hair. The curls are meant to add volume and depth as well as volume overall, which balances the chin and forehead.


You can do half up and downs with coily hair so that the cheekbones are exposed, and the hair volume at the forehead and chin balances your face completely.


Inverted Triangle Face: Deep Wave Hair Sew-in Extensions


You have an inverted triangle face cut if you have a broad forehead with a pointed chin or sharp jawline. To balance out the forehead broadness, you can either have bangs or put deep wave sew-in hair extensions with their curled coils more fine and solid towards the end. This way, the sharp-pointed chin gets the volume to give a balanced face cut look.


Oval Face: Wavy Hair Sew-in Extensions


There is a simple calculation to know about this face cut. If you have an oval face, then the length of your face is 1.5x of the width. This face looks evenly balanced and chiseled to carry any hair texture you wish. However, to make it interesting, you can always use body or deep wave sew-ins to give more depth and character, as straight hair sometimes sits too flat on this face cut.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Sew-In Hair Extensions


Once you know which texture suits you best, here are some questions you need to address before installing them.


How Many Sew-In Hair Extension Bundles Needed For Full Coverage?

Generally, for full head coverage, you need about 4 bundles. But, it also depends on how dense you want your hair to look and which texture you choose. A deep wave or curly hair might take only 3 bundles, but for straight hair, you might need about 5 for good volume.

Do You Have The Minimum Length Of Natural Hair Required For Sew Ins?

Sew-in installations are done to your real hair by braiding them in cornrows, which is why you need some length to get your sew-ins to hang on to them. If you have a hair length of 3 inches or more, sew-ins will be done easily.

Which Length Can Sew Ins Be Easily Maintained?

This answer differs from person to person. If you want a natural-looking sew-in texture that is easy to wear and light to carry, you should estimate 12-16 inches in length. It is manageable and long enough to do multiple hairstyles.

Sew-in hair extensions will change your hair's length and volume and give you the face cut illusion highlighting your prominent features. If this blog has been able to help you figure out your face shape, then purchase the natural premium quality textures from Indique, and you will have an amazing transformation.