Hacks For A Truly Invisible Lace Wig Appearance

Hacks For A Truly Invisible Lace Wig Appearance

The lace wigs are so convenient to wear, and they have a strong grip that provides security, even if you are bobbing your head a lot. According to a survey it comes as the top three black women hair extensions when they are going for semi-permanent hair looks. The great thing about lace wigs is that they are soft and breathable and that is why, even if you’re wearing them for a longer time, it is good for your scalp and your real hair. The only problem that most women face is how to camouflage the lace wig so that it looks seamless.

If you are also facing the same concern, this blog is your wish fulfillment because we are going to share some fantastic tips to make your lace wigs undetectable to the naked eye. So bookmark this blog right away as we are sharing some magical tips below.


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How To Puck Wigs?
Plucking Perfection


Nobody is perfect and neither is your hair. Whenever you buy the lace wig, it comes in a very seamless heavy hairline. It looks very obvious because the hairline is the point from where the hair starts growing and is lighter in volume than the crown area. So to give that realistic look, you should pluck the wigs from the hairline area. If you want to have that natural look, with the help of your tweezers, start plucking the hairline, the most from the sides and less from the middle, and this way you will get an imperfectly perfect hairline for yourself.




The lace wigs generally come in two tones. It either could be in shades of beige or pale white. Every person has a distinguished color tone, and if you are wearing a lace wig without preparing it, it is very obvious that the color of the lace wig and your own skin will make it obvious difference for a person to see. So just like you prepare your skin with makeup through concealer and foundation you can apply that on your lace wig to match the skin tone. This way you will easily manage to get an undetectable lace wig look.


Create Baby Hair

How To Tame Baby Hair?
Baby Hair Makes It Appealing


Just like we mentioned in the first point, in your natural hairline, the hair is just sprouting from the front and that is why the length is less than the rest of your hair. So you also have to create some baby hair from your lace wig. For that, you can do plucking and trimming. After installing them with the help of gel use a toothbrush directed toward your eyebrows to bring out the baby hair on your forehead.


Widen The Front


Mostly lace wigs have a very narrow front, and when you wear them, you get a very pointed oval shape as the hair covers a major portion of your forehead, which looks very animated and artificial. So to avoid this, you need to widen the front end. Make sure that at least the 5 inches in the middle of your wig the hair is plucked out and trimmed nicely so that it fits your forehead well.


Wide Tooth Combing

Which Is The Best Comb For Wigs?
Wide Tooth Comb Makes It Easy


Once you have installed your wig, use the white tooth comb with soft hands to finish the look and remove the tangles. Use the wide-tooth comb because it does not press your hair very strongly against the scalp and makes it look sticky and weird.




Can you believe it? It is this easy to get an undetectable lace wig look if you just keep in mind these five things while installing it. Indique deals in good quality lace wigs that have a soft base, a breathable base, and above that, they’re also flexible enough that it takes the shape of your head easily. The best part about these lace wigs is that even if you trim the edges of the lace, it does not affect the integrity of the hair attached to it. So bookmark this blog, and then wear lace front wigs without hesitation.