Indique Blow-Out Perfect Pony JASS Set Hairspray
Indique Kinky Straight Hair Ponytail With Freeze Hairspray
Indique Say Freeze Hairspray For Straight Pony Best Quality Human Hair
Indique Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail With Jass Say Freeze Hairspray
Indique Hairspray For Virgin Hair Machine Drawn Straight Hair Texture

Blow-Out Perfect Pony + JASS Set

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Get the perfect kinky straight pony in this special edition set which includes the JASS Say "Freeze" Hairspray and drawstring ponytail at a special price!

Set Includes:
(1) Remix Relaxed Straight Ponytail
(1) JASS Say “Freeze" Hairspray

Remix Blow-Out is made from steam-permed virgin hair that has been machine drawn to ensure that all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and dyed to a 1B tone. Blow-Out is a textured straight pattern that looks and feels like natural hair that has been blown out with a low luster.

We do not recommend performing coloring services to the Remix Collection as it had been dyed to a 1B tone.

Weight is approximately 4.6oz (130gms) for 12" and 5.3oz (150gms) for 22"

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About the Product


Get the perfect Ponytail with our Blowout Perfect Ponytail plus Jass Spray. This Kinky Straight Ponytail is a low-luster texture that gives you the look of natural blown out hair that's full of volume. Pair this ponytail with our Jass Freeze Spray to give you a sleek and frizz free look with ease, Available in only 22 inches this set is priced at $235.

Hair Care

Dilute your Indique Hair Care Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner with water to gently remove all excess product from hair and Follow-up with Argan oil to seal in the moisture. Apply a heat guard when servicing the hair with any styling tools to avoid breakage.


Ponytails can last up to a year with proper care.