Why Indique's Braiding Hair is Harper's Bazaar's Favorite for Brazilian Knots

Why Indique's Braiding Hair is Harper's Bazaar's Favorite for Brazilian Knots

If you're looking to add amazing length and volume to your existing hair, Brazilian knots are an unbeatable option. These extensions are the superstar of the extension world, offering versatile, natural hair that's easy to style and care for. Recently, Harper's Bazaar highlighted Brazilian knots as a top choice and recommended Indique hair extensions for the best results. But before we dive into why Indique is their favorite, let's break down what Brazilian knots are and how they work.

Understanding Brazilian Knots

Brazilian Knots For Perfection

Brazilian knots are a hair extension installation method where the extensions are tied to your natural hair using small pieces of a special thread. This technique creates a seamless, natural look without the use of heat, glue, pins, or clips. The result is an incredibly natural appearance, allowing for different partings and styles with ease. One of the best features of Brazilian knots is their invisibility to the naked eye, making it hard to tell you have extensions at all due to the skilled and clean application.

The process involves taking small sections of your natural hair and tying the extension hair to it using a strong, flexible thread. This method not only protects your natural hair from damage but also ensures the extensions stay secure for an extended period. Unlike some other extension methods, Brazilian knots don’t add excessive

Benefits of Brazilian Knots

Know The Advantages

Brazilian knots are exceptional for several reasons. Here are the key benefits that make them a fantastic choice:

Natural Appearance

Brazilian knots look incredibly natural on your scalp. The special thread used to tie the extensions is secured so closely to your natural hair that there is no false height or elevation. This creates an undetectable look, making it difficult for anyone to tell you have extensions. The seamless integration with your hair gives a flawless finish, enhancing your overall appearance.


Brazilian knots provide a substantial amount of volume and length, allowing you to experiment with a variety of hairstyles. Because the knots are tied so closely to the scalp, you can easily create different partings and styles without any visible signs of extensions. Whether you want a sleek updo, loose waves, or a high ponytail, Brazilian knots give you the flexibility to achieve the look you desire.

Long Shelf Life

Unlike typical hair extensions, which usually last up to six weeks, Brazilian knots offer a significantly longer shelf life of 3 to 6 months. This extended duration is due to the ease of maintenance and convenient wearability of Brazilian knots. They are designed to stay secure and look great over a longer period, making them a cost-effective option for those seeking long-term hair extensions.

Comfortable Installation

Brazilian knots are known for their comfortable installation process. Unlike other methods that use heat, glue, or sharp pins, Brazilian knots are installed using a special thread that doesn’t cause scalp irritation, itching, or burning. This gentle method ensures that your scalp remains healthy and free from discomfort, making it a safe choice for those with sensitive skin or a low tolerance for more invasive extension techniques.


One of the standout features of Brazilian knots is their high level of customization. Since you’re adding extensions to your natural hair, you can achieve a wide range of looks. Whether you desire curly hair, kinky straight, or water wave styles, Brazilian knots can be tailored to meet your specific preferences. You can choose different lengths and colors to match your desired look, providing endless styling possibilities. This versatility makes Brazilian knots an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their hair with personalized extensions.

Which Hair Extensions Work Best for Brazilian Knots?

Indique SEA Bali Straight Lace Front Wig With Freestyle Parting
Indique SEA Body Wave Lace Front Wig Virgin Remy Hair
Indique SEA Fiji Curl Lace Front Wig Protective Style


Bone Straight Braiding Hair


Indian Deep Wave,Indian Human Virgin Hair,Natural Black Hair Extensions by Indique


Indique SEA Fiji Curl Closure 4x4 Middle Part Sew In

In today’s market, there are numerous hair extensions available, ranging from synthetic nylon to steam-textured blown hair. However, for the best results with Brazilian knots, opt for 100% virgin Remy human hair. These extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and can easily be colored, cut, and textured to suit your preferences. Choosing real human braiding hair ensures you achieve the desired look with Brazilian knots in the most effective way.

Why Harper's Bazaar Chose Indique?

Know Harper Bazaar Verdict

Harper's Bazaar is a leading fashion and lifestyle magazine renowned for its detailed reviews and trend insights. They have named Indique as one of the best brands for Brazilian knots. According to their article, Indique stands out due to its high-quality, versatile human hair extensions that are easy to blend, style, color, and maintain. The brand offers a variety of textures and is known for its durability, low maintenance, and resistance to shedding and tangling. This makes Indique a convenient and top choice for hair extensions.


Brazilian knots are an excellent option for those looking to revamp their look with hair extensions. These extensions provide a natural appearance, making them perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with new styles safely. With Brazilian knots, you can enjoy easy styling, significant length, and volume. Harper's Bazaar recommends Indique hair extensions, which are particularly popular among Black women in America, for their superior quality and performance. If you're ready for a new style, Brazilian knots with Indique hair extensions are a fantastic choice.