Which Curly Hair Type Is Suitable For Your Lifestyle?

Which Curly Hair Type Is Suitable For Your Lifestyle?

The curly hair never fails to amuse us. They are so bouncy, springy, and lively. They have a particular character, which is why they fit well with women of all ages and backgrounds. But just like people are different, so are the curly hair types. It is defined in 3 variations that vary the shape and size of the curls along with their maintenance and look.

So, which curly hair texture will suit you? If that is a question popping into your head, this blog is here to help you. Check the compatibility of each curly hair type with your lifestyle for all valid reasons. So, let's check it out.

Best Curly Hair Textures By Indique Hair


Type 4A Curly Hair - Ideal for College Girls

4A curly Hair Type
A Fun Hairstyle Forever


4A curly hair type has stiff curl bents with water wave texture that can often be considered an extreme form of wavy hair texture. They look very playful and are highly dense. They look great on college girls as they add a lot of volume and youthfulness to your appearance, making curls more feminine and delicate.

This curly hair type alone can let you style ponytail in different ways because is also one of the most versatile texture. They are close to wavy; they can easily be heat styled into straight or wavy, allowing you to use them in different ways consecutively on other occasions.

Type 4B Curly Hair - Perfect for Working Corporates

4B curly Hair Type
Trendy And Confidence Booster

4B curly hair has z-shaped zig-zag patterns where the hair is corkscrew curls can be seen all circled and easily identified from a distance. This hair has a tremendous volume impact and needs only intermediate maintenance that working women can efficiently work up in their schedules. Making the buns or keeping their hair open or even in scrunchie looks like an effort done on hair, and still, they are under 2-minute. You can also rely on them as they are low maintainance curly hair and needs time to none to be invested on them.

They have underlined fashion statement because of their texture but still looks decent because of simple hairstyles. If you use hair gels on the front part and put hair in the back, they create perfect office looks. Also, this hair type is best to highlight your collar bones and shoulders, which are considered the most professional body features (That is why shoulder-padded and structured suits are most office chic silhouettes).

Type 4C Curly Hair - Great Choice for Busy Moms

4C curly Hair Type
For Stylish Moms

4C is a frizzy afro hair texture with kinky Z-bent curls where coils are totally scrunched with each other, with a dehydrated look that shows their real authenticity and looks beautiful. This afro-curly hair type is perfect for busy moms because this hair hardly requires any kind of care to them. You are good with just a few dabs of moisturizing hair mousse or natural hair oil. They are so tidy and all packed up in their formation that they don't come your way while you make your baby eat food or help them with homework. Also, in many situations, after postpartum, women tend to lose hair density for a few months, and at that time, having a 4c curly hair type full of density and volume can be a confidence booster.

Choosing the Right Curly Hair Type for You

The curly hair types we mentioned above are just based on practical use in accordance with our empowered women's time availability and schedules. But you are not restricted to it. You have different roles to play at different times and you can style your curly hair accordingly. Go and explore the world, girl! Know the curly hair type that will work best for your face, mood, or day. Just make sure you buy them from quality brands like Induque because we understand black women and deliver curly hair extensions that are versatile and manageable.