Managing Hair Loss In Women Ft. Indique Hair

Managing Hair Loss In Women Ft. Indique Hair

For women, losing their crowning glory can be extremely challenging. But there are ways to go past this. Losing your hair as a woman can have a negative impact on your confidence, especially if you're young or in a vulnerable stage of your life.

There are multiple kinds of hair loss. It may appear as "thinning" or as a complete loss of hair. Both the young and the old are impacted; it may happen gradually or suddenly.

We are aware of how painful and frightening hair loss may be, and we know how nervous it can make you to seek guidance. Hair loss is never easy, and we at Indique hair are committed to restoring the vigor and passion for life that it can occasionally provide.

In this blog, we will take you through some of the ways in which you can manage hair loss using Indique Hair Extensions & Wigs. Eager to know all about it, well, you don’t need to wait any longer.

Conceal With Lace Front Wigs


An easy fix that instantly transforms your hair is when you wear a wig. Wigs are a terrific solution whether you want to try a new style or recover your previous appearance. It very discreetly hides your thinning hair or bald spots and gives you full coverage. Incredibly adaptable and simple to maintain are human hair lace front wigs. Simply wash the hair to bring it back to its original texture, then style them however you like.

You can try Indique’s hand-crafted virgin human hair wigs with flexible wig caps that are available in different textures and lengths to blend with your real hair seamlessly. These lace front wigs are easy to install and carry on an everyday basis.

Cover Up With Closures & Frontals


Women who want protective styles, have hair loss, or have thinning hair frequently use closures as a sort of hair extension. By entirely covering your scalp, closures provide the possible protection for your hair, making them an excellent protective style.

A frontal is a hairpiece that covers your hairline from temple to temple. It usually comes in 14 inches to 16 inches and runs 5 inches back.

To cover up bald patches or thin areas around your scalp, using either of the two is the best idea. Indique’s lace closure and frontal pieces are used with wigs and weaves. You can get complete coverage with the most natural-looking part and hairline. It is easy to achieve whichever style with whichever texture, and you will never have to worry about blending or limitations caused by hair loss again.

Hair Extensions To The Rescue

Hair Extensions For You

When hair is falling out all over, as opposed to just in a few places, hair extensions are great. Hair extensions improve overall volume by attaching beneath the top layer of hair. They add the desired length and can alter your appearance and give you the lost confidence.

You can use clip in hair extensions in areas where you feel the hair density is less. It can be on your sides or from temple to temple. You can also use sew in hair extensions if you feel your overall density is less and your hair is thinning rapidly.

The following are the most common kinds of hair extensions that black women with hair loss issues extensively use.


Know that there are options available for you, regardless of your age or circumstances. It all boils down to willpower and your determination to stop losing your hair. The biggest advantage is not instantly obvious, but as soon as you take charge of your circumstances, you will start to feel better about yourself.

And this is exactly why Indique is the best option for you! You can visit any of our stores and get a consultation with a hair expert on your hair loss situation. And start feeling confident and beautiful again!