A-Z Things You Should Know About Human Hair Wigs

A-Z Things You Should Know About Human Hair Wigs

Yeah, we know you've been searching for human hair wigs, and you've probably come across many blogs and articles about their types, textures, and maintenance. But here, we gonna give you the lowdown on human hair wigs in African American English. So buckle up and get ready to learn some interesting and informative stuff about human hair wigs.

A- Allow Hair Textures to Adapt

When you buy a human hair wig, you're giving it the chance to adapt to different hair textures according to your needs. Human hair wigs can be manipulated to achieve the texture you desire, depending on your location and styling preferences. So, choose a wig with a texture similar to what you want, and over time, it will adapt and conform to your desired texture.

B- Base of the Human Hair Wig Should Be Breathable and Flexible

easy lace wig
Keep base breathable

It's important that the human hair wig you wear for a few weeks has a breathable and flexible lace base. This allows airflow and prevents your scalp from suffocating, ensuring healthy hair growth. Look for wigs with Swiss lace bases, monofilament caps, or meshes, as these provide the necessary ventilation.

C- Categories Differ in Human Hair Wigs

When someone says they deal with human hair wigs, it's important to know what kind of wigs they're talking about. There are four basic types:

  • Virgin human hair wigs: Made from untreated, chemical-free hair.

  • Non-virgin human hair wigs: Made from treated hair.

  • Remy human hair wigs: Made from hair sourced from a single donor, ensuring perfect cuticle alignment.

  • Non-remy human hair wigs: Made from hair sourced from multiple donors, with the hair sorted to achieve alignment.

Of these four types, virgin and remy human hair wigs are the best. They maintain their shape with minimal effort and have a longer lifespan.

D- Don't Sleep in a Wet Human Hair Wig

wet hair wig
Wet Hair Can Be Weak

Sleeping in a wet human hair wig can cause tangling, breakage, and hair loss. It also reduces the lifespan of your wig and increases frizziness. After washing your wig, let it air dry completely before going to bed. Tie it loosely and protect it while you sleep.

E- Experiment with Strands

Just like losing a dollar versus losing a hundred-dollar bill, experimenting with human hair wigs can be disappointing if it doesn't turn out as expected. Before going all out, try experimenting with a few strands of the wig. If you like the results, go ahead and experiment with the entire wig. However, keep in mind that the texture or color you desire is subjective, so choose wisely.

F- Free Partition Adds Bonus Points

One of the advantages of good human hair wigs is that you can style them in any direction you want. Look for wigs that offer a free partition, as this allows you to create multiple hairstyles without worrying about exposing the installation lines. Enjoy the versatility and freedom that a free partition provides.

G- Gently Brush Your Human Hair Wig

brushing hair wig
Brush With Care

Be gentle when brushing your human hair wig. Avoid using small-toothed combs, as they can cause damage. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb or a hairbrush to detangle and clean the hair. Brush in a downward motion, starting from the tips and gradually moving towards the roots. This reduces hair loss and damage. The same technique can be applied to brushing your natural hair, resulting in less hair fall.

H- Heat Stylin' Should Be Safe

Human hair wigs can handle heat stylin', just like your natural hair. However, excessive heat can strip away moisture, causing dryness and damage. Always use a heat protectant spray before applying heat to your wig. Avoid blow dryin' your hair after washin', as it can cause frizziness. Also, protect your wig from the sun by usin' SPF products. Your wig will thank you for the extra care.

I- Installation Method Depends On Your Human Hair Wig Type

Different types of human hair wigs require different installation techniques. Here are some common methods:

  • Sewin': Suitable for lace wigs

  • Pasting: Ideal for tape-ins

  • Crochet: Used for braiding bundles

  • Clippin': Great for clip-in extensions

  • Tyin': Utilized for drawstring wigs

  • Bondin': Best for micro link extensions

Other extensions may have more than two installation options. Consult your stylist and choose the method that suits your needs in terms of application time, cost, and comfort.

J- Just Wash When Necessary

washing hair wig
Intuitive washing

There's no set schedule for washin' human hair wigs. Wash 'em when you notice buildup or when they become greasy and difficult to style. Some may need washin' after five wears, while others can go up to 15 wears. If you're unsure when to wash, a general rule of thumb is to wash your wig after around 10 wears. Use your judgment and keep it clean and fresh

K- Keep It Safe in Storage

Proper storage is essential to maintainin' the shape and quality of your human hair wig when you're not wearin' it. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Store it in a cool, dry space.

  • Hang it on a two-clip hanger.

  • Put it in its original packaging.

  • Lay it down on a dry towel.

  • Brush it gently before storin' it.

L- Lace Frontals and Closures Can Be as Good as Full Lace Wigs

Many folks believe that only full lace wigs provide adequate coverage, but lace frontals and closures can give you a seamless look too. These head toppers cover the hairline and crown area, providin' ample volume. Indique lace frontals and closures, made from real human hair, can mimic your natural hair texture with heat stylin' or hair sprays. Achieve great coverage at a fraction of the cost of a full wig.

M- Makeup for Easy Blending

blending lace wig
Glow Up With Makeup

Here's a little secret: you can use makeup to achieve a flawless blend with your human hair wig. If some parts of the lace are exposed, use foundation that matches your skin tone to make it less visible. Apply the foundation on the exposed lace, mimickin' your scalp color. This simple trick helps you achieve a natural look and seamless blending.

N- Never Use Sulfate Products

When it comes to carin' for your human hair wig, avoid sulfate-based products at all costs. Just like your natural hair, sulfate products can damage the wig and reduce its lifespan. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and masks to keep the quality intact.

O- Outgrowth Can Occur

Yes, you heard it right. Your semi-permanent human hair wig can start to outgrow, liftin' from the scalp or slidin' off if installed over cornrows. Cornrows, made from your natural hair, grow over time, causin' the wig to lift. If you have a high hair growth rate, visit the salon to have the wig adjusted, ensurin' you can wear it for an extended period.

P- Prepare the Lace Before Installin'

lacehair wig
A good Lace Forms Base

Most human hair wigs are made with lace fabric, and preparin' the lace is crucial for a natural look. Follow these steps for lace preparation:

  • Bleach the knots to reduce their visibility.

  • Pluck the wig from the front to create a natural hairline.

  • Trim any excess lace.

  • Apply makeup to match your scalp color.

Q- Quality Wigs Aren't Always the Most Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, quality doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. While high-quality wigs may cost more upfront, they often outlast their cheaper counterparts, makin' them a better investment in the long run. Cheap wigs may end up costin' you more in the form of replacements and repairs. You can even find good quality RSD technology virgin hair wigs for less than a hundred dollars.

R- Remy Hair Is the Best

When purchasin' human hair wigs, all of 'em are great, but if you're lookin' for the best, go for Remy hair wigs. Indique's pure collection, for instance, is made of 100% natural virgin Indian hair. Each wig is sourced from a single donor, ensurin' perfect cuticle alignment and an authentic look. Remy hair wigs have stronger weft grip, resultin' in less hair fall and strand loss, even with continuous use.

S- Sleepin' with a Human Hair Wig Requires Care

sleeping with hair extensions
Sleep With Care

Everyone loves a good night's sleep, but no one wants to wake up with tangled hair. To keep your human hair wig silky and fresh, use a silk wrap or sleep on silk pillows. This reduces friction between your hair and the bedsheet fabric, preventin' frizziness and split ends.

T- Take a Break After Uninstallin'

Takin' care of your natural hair and scalp is essential, especially after removin' braids or weave-ins. Allow your pores time to breathe and nourish your hair. Experts recommend leavin' your hair and scalp untreated for at least six weeks after uninstallin' your wig.

U- Use Moisturizers to Tame Wig Hair

get your lace wig edges better
Moisturization Is Key

If your human hair wig becomes rough or frizzy over time, don't worry. While regular washin' isn't recommended, you can moisturize your wig to maintain its shine and moisture. Use a small amount of Argan or Olive oil and gently apply it to your wig usin' your fingertips. You can also use hair masks or mousses, but make sure they're paraben and sulfate-free.

V- Virgin Hair Extensions Are Perfect for Experimentation

Virgin hair extensions are untreated and raw, offerin' endless possibilities for experimentation. Since they haven't been chemically processed, they respond well to colorin' and heat stylin'. If you're lookin' to play with different hair colors or styles, opt for virgin human hair extensions. You'll achieve the best results since these wigs haven't undergone any treatments.

W- Weave and Sew-In Human Hair Wigs Are Similar

Folks often get confused between weave and sew-in hair extension methods. The truth is, both methods can be used for installin' human hair wigs. Both techniques involve cornrowing your hair and attachin' the wig. If we had to categorize, weave method is more suitable for human hair bundles, while sew-in method works well for human hair wigs.

X- Xtra Care Can Cause Damage

While it's important to care for your human hair wig, be mindful not to overdo it. Workin' with your wig, washin' it, and stylin' it regularly is fine. Just ensure you follow basic maintenance routines like proper storage, gentle brushin', and avoidin' excessive heat. Too much manipulation or product usage can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your wig.

Y- Yearn for Change? Try Different Styles

styling hair extensions
Experiment Is Key To Beauty

Human hair wigs provide the flexibility to switch up your style whenever you desire. If you're tired of one look, try different styles like curls, waves, straight, or even experiment with braids. You can easily achieve different looks with heat stylin', rollers, or braidin' techniques. Embrace versatility and have fun with your wig!

Z- Zero Worries with Human Hair Wigs

The best part 'bout human hair wigs is that you can enjoy all the benefits worry-free. Whether you're concerned 'bout the quality, installation, or maintenance, rest assured that human hair wigs are designed to give you a natural look and feel. With proper care and maintenance, your wig will last long and keep you slayin' effortlessly.

Final Words...

Human hair wigs offer a world of possibilities for those lookin' to enhance their style and switch up their look. Whether you're new to wearin' wigs or a seasoned pro, followin' these tips and guidelines will ensure that your human hair wig stays lookin' fabulous and lasts for an extended period. From choosin' the right quality and installin' it correctly to takin' proper care and experimentin' with different styles, there's a lot to consider.

But with a little effort and attention, you can enjoy the versatility, natural look, and durability that human hair wigs have to offer. So, embrace your unique style, slay with confidence, and let your human hair wig be the perfect accessory to express your personality and creativity. Happy wig-wearin'!