Having Short Hair Weave: Worth It?

Having Short Hair Weave: Worth It?

Everyone craves to have long shiny hair that is all swinging back to your waist giving you perfect delicate princess vibes. But now warrior princesses are also equally loved and so is the short hair especially blunt cuts have made a huge comeback. This trend has made many women introspect their hair decisions whether to keep them long or short and that is where short hair weaves make the entrance.

Many women have welcomed short hair weave with open arms and many are still skeptical about it. If you are former ones, this blog will assure you that your thinking is on the right track and for latter ones, this blog will give them clarity about it. So, let’s dig in.


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When Did The Trend Of Short Hair Start?

Short Hair Looks Hot


The short hair is not too old, they prominently started making their appearance in the 1920s where women have to work out of homes and they kept their hair in a way that looked pretty and still manageable. With modern and stylish working women of that time, the hairstyle for short hair has seen the rise of appreciation around 2016 where celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Tiffany, Danielle Brooks and many more appeared in shorter hair.

With the rise in fandom of short hair, the demand for short hair weave has also increased. How so and why so, learnt in the portion below.


5 Reasons You Should Go For It

Epic Har Stylr With Short Hairs
Short Hair Is An Epic Hairstyle


The first biggest reason for having short hair weave is that it is not a big commitment. You can keep your 18 inches long hair in cornrows and have the 8 inch short weave hair above and nobody will be able to notice it at all! So this is the first major advantage of wearing short weave hair. What else or we can say other brownie points are, can be seen in the pointers mentioned below.


1. Instant Transformation


When you wear short weave hair, the look drastically changes as the length of your hair is shortened and all focus goes on your face and features. That is why if you want to highlight your collarbones, jawline or long neck, having short hair weave will put these features in the spotlight.


2. Response Well To Experiments

Impact Short Indique Hairs
Show Variation Full Impact


The short hair weave when done any experiment on it by coloring them or playing with the different hair texture, they pop more. The reason is there is a smaller surface that has been applied on, and smaller space shows more intensity. So, the color will be more significant and the texture will be better sculpted. So, short weave hair responds well to texture.


3. Easy Maintenance


Unlike long hair, in short hair weave, there is less pressure of removing tangles from long locks, washing them and carrying them around. It is easy to workout with them, clean them, dry them off and even combing. Short length, shorter time used to have the maintenance of short hair.


4. Lightweight

Convenient Hairstyle Indique Hairs
Convenient Hairstyle


It is very simple. The 22 inches hair weave will obviously be having more weight and volume, on the other hand hair weave with 10 inches of length is going to have half of that weight. This makes you wear the virgin hair extensions or weave easily without feeling much of the pressure.


5. Pocket Friendly


The short weave hair does not require to have compulsorily long hair strands. As the short length has limited restrictions on procurements the sourcing and process comparatively becomes affordable. And not only it limits the sourcing but obviously when you are wearing them, less items are used on strands due to shorter length. Hence, making it comparatively cheaper.



The women of today are fashionable, busy and smart. And short weave hair is fashionable and easy to maintain. So our verdict is, that short weave hair is definitely worth trying if you are looking to refresh your look without chopping off your real hair. Buy Indique weave hair in 12 inches or less length to get a short hair weave look. They can be styled and shortened as per your liking.