5 On-the-Spot Tricks To Hide Short Hair Under Extensions

5 On-the-Spot Tricks To Hide Short Hair Under Extensions

Do you have short hair and are worried about hiding your hair under your extensions? Fear not, Indique Hair has you covered. Here are 5 on-the-spot tricks to hide your short hair under extensions.


1. Full Wig

lace front wigs
Full Wig

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Wigs are all the rage right now! By wearing a full wig or unit, your real hair does not have to show at all. A quick do-it-yourself way to install a closure-top wig yourself is to braid your hair in cornrows going straight back, then use a wig cap. If you would like for the unit or wig to stay on for a few days, you can use Got2b hairspray and gel to keep it on. If you would like to take it off at night, you can apply wig combs and clips to the wig. Another option is to use a wig grip. This headband allows your wig to fit snuggly.


You can select a wig based on your hair type or your desired look. Indique offers the following textures in wigs:


Indique’s Wavy Wig is available in two lengths, 14”& 18”. It can be worn in its natural state, or heat styled. The wig is virgin Indian hair so it can be colored or dyed to your liking. We recommend going to a colorist to achieve your desired color.


If you want something with more texture but not as curly and full as the iKhanic Curl, then the curly wig is for you. Made with Indique’s Pure Curly, this wig can be worn in its natural state, or heat-styled. This wig can also be colored.

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2. Clip-In Extensions

Clip in hair extensions
Clip In Hair Extensions

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Another alternative is to try clip-in extensions that match your natural hair. With clip-ins you can adjust your hair quickly on the go. The options are endless. An easy way to hide your hair is to try the half-up half-down hairstyle. Clip a few of the clip-ins at the top to create your ponytail. Use the remainder of the clip-ins to create volume in the back of your hair. You can wand curl the top and bottom to create a voluminous look.


If you have 3c to 4c hair, we recommend the Perfect 10 clip-in extensions in the Organic Curl. If you have a more coily texture, then the Perfect 10 clip-in extensions in the Coil Curl texture will be ideal. For straighter styles, the Perfect 10 clip-in extensions in Wavy is ideal.


The trick for wearing clip-ins and making them blend with shorter hair is to cut them. Your stylist should cut a style that works with your natural hair. Depending on the length of your real hair, long layers may also be an option.


Wearing clip-ins also allows you to create a full ponytail look. A tip is to clip the extensions going up instead of down, this will allow for you to create a sleek look without the ponytail looking bulky. If your hair is shorter around your perimeter, you will need to use gel or pomade to help your hair to lay flat.

3. Braided Style Or Accessorize

African hair braiding
Braided Style Or Accessorize

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If you are wearing a traditional install using Indique Hair extensions and your real hair is shorter in the front, a great way to hide your real hair is to braid it with your hair extensions. You can create a halo braid and add hairpin accessories to dress up the style.


Another cute braid look is to braids your leave-out on the sides and leave the extensions out in the back. Hairpins and jewels are on-trend right now. If you don’t want to cut your hair extensions to blend with your real hair, you can pin your shorter ends. There are several styles of pins to use from fun names to bedazzled ones.

4. Cut Shape To Match Your Real Length

Long Straight Hair
Cut Shape To Match Your Real Length

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Depending on the length of your real hair, you can have your stylist cut your hair extensions to blend with the length of your real hair. There are a few different hairstyles for short hair using extensions that are on-trend right now. From bobs to asymmetrical styles, you can have a lot of fun experimenting without having to cut your real hair. Indique’s Bounce Relaxed Straight is a great option to create a sleek cut style. On a budget? Try Indique’s Sea Zen Straight, it’s a similar texture to the Bounce Relaxed Straight but is sourced from South East Asia instead of India.

5. Sleek It Down With Gel

Curly Hair products
Almond And Avocado Mousse

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A quick alternative is to lay your shorter hair down, is to use gel or a mousse. Design Essentials Curl Enhancing mousse can work as a great setting solution for your real hair. Spray your hair with water and then apply the mousse. Brush your leave out into your hair extensions. Take a silk scarf and tie your hair down with it. Allow your hair to dry for about 30 mins, or you can sleep through the night with the scarf on. Take the scarf off and your hair should be nice and sleek. For added protection from your hair lifting, you can use bobby pins to hold it down.


If you do not want to use mousse, then the Got2b gel provides great hold. This method works well if the texture you selected matches your leave-out. If you are hesitant in finding a texture that blends with your real hair, Indique provides consultations to help you select the perfect texture. Indique Hair Virgin extensions sell over 16 different textures and 5 different colors available in the Hysteria Collection.