3 Things ONLY Possible With Virgin Hair Extensions (Ft.Factual Reasons!)

3 Things ONLY Possible With Virgin Hair Extensions (Ft.Factual Reasons!)

Yes, yes we know, you might have heard it often that human hair extensions are best and that also virgin hair extensions stand highest in the quality category. But do you know why it is so? It is because of what they can do that other regular human hair or synthetic hair extensions can not do. So, if you are not aware of this, don’t worry, we got you! Scroll the blog to learn more.

Virgin Hair Extensions: Direct Meaning

Best type of hair extensions you can get hands on

As the name suggests, something that is untouched and pure. These hair extensions are directly sourced from human hair cut in a ponytail to get aligned cuticles and without any chemical process of coloring, steaming and dyeing delivered in exact raw shape for you to utilize to the fullest potential.

Now that we are clear with the meaning, let us proceed ahead with the possibilities with virgin hair extensions including logical facts and reasonings.

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1. You Can Change The Color

Colored hair pigmentation is best

Pink, blue, black, gray, red. Name any hair color you want and get it done on your virgin hair extensions and have the best pigment on them. It is not possible with the other hair extensions, be it synthetic or pre dyed human hair.

Factual Reason: As dyed hair extensions have already been bleached and colored, they come with prenoted pigmentation that leaves its impression even if you put another color on them. Whereas virgin hair is totally raw it catches the shade perfectly.

2. You Can Revive The Texture

There is no fear of styling your hair and playing with the texture with heat styling whether it is straightening them or curling them. The virgin hair extensions are true to their nature after a simple hair wash and will come back to the original texture easily. That is not easy to achieve with regular hair extensions, especially the synthetic ones.

Factual Reason: The other hair extensions get a particular texture after undergoing a certain perming or straightening process or chemicals that lead them to the desired hair texture. When washing the chemical that holds the texture begins washing out and this is where virgin hair remains unaffected. This is because no chemical process was used to get that original texture.

3. You Can Shapeshift The Length

Easiest to trim and cut

The best thing about extensions is that they can add length in seconds, but do you know what is better? When you can even shorten the length as well and it does not destroy your hairpiece. When you cut the hair from regular hair extensions, the alignment usually gets changed and will affect the extensions. Whereas when you cut the length in your virgin hair extensions, nothing changes apart from length.

Factual Reason: The virgin hair extensions are always drawn in a way that their cuticles are aligned in one direction to have that seamless fall on the installation. But in synthetic hair, there are no cuticles as they are completely machine drawn hair that is made in a certain symmetry which can get out of line if you try to change the look of extensions. Also, in other regular hair extensions, the cuticles are not necessarily aligned. They are so sturdily attached to the weft that if you try to work with scissors on them, there are high chances it will destroy your hair wig. But in virgin hair extensions where the cuticles are naturally aligned, it really doesn’t matter because it will not change the symmetry of the hair.

Everything that glitters is not gold. The shiny sculpted textured waves might sparkle their charm on the first few wears. But when it comes to long run marathons your virgin hair extensions will always stand out best. Because what they can do, ONLY they can do it, which is- ultimate comfort and joy to the user.