2024: The Era of Short Sew-In Hairstyles; 6 Top Hairstyles Released!

2024: The Era of Short Sew-In Hairstyles; 6 Top Hairstyles Released!

Happy New Year! May this year bring you a lot of happiness, healing, and hairstyles that keep you always ahead of the trend.

According to Cosmopolitan and Boho Bazar, the study has revealed that short hairstyles will be the main trends of 2024. This is quite evident as this year is all about productivity due to various industries and sectors growing. It's only natural to have hairstyles that align with fast functional lives.

Nothing is better than short hairstyles that are manageable yet stylish. So, here's the list of six short sew-in hairstyles that you are going to see all over the internet as well as in real life. Let's check them out together.

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Wavy Bobs

Last year, wavy styles were a big hit. But this time, the same hairstyle in a short length is going to rock the scene. Having side part sew-in hair that is slightly wavy outward adds a soft bounce to the look. This can easily be paired with bodycon dresses and floral blouses, keeping the grace alive.

Heavy Fang Bangs

Kill With Fang-shion

For those wishing to try something edgy, this sew-in hairstyle will be a great choice. Install a lace closure to create natural-looking bangs and ask your hairdresser for a slant cut in the middle, giving a fang-like shape on the either side of the forehead. This look is ideal for those with a broad forehead or square-shaped face, as it imitates oval face cuts.

Round Bowl Blow

Bowl of Glory!

Kinky Afro is back! Go crazy with your kinky texture this year. Buy kinky curly extensions and give clear instructions to your hairdresser for a bowl cut. A bowl-cut Afro makes your hair look fuller, bouncier, and a lot bolder. Pair your gorgeous 4C hair with septum rings, gold hoops, or an oxidized choker for a Wakanda princess vibe.

Chic Shag

Effortless Hair!

Shaggy hairstyles are back in the game for all the right reasons. They look effortless and create a statement with middle part bob sew in, especially in short lengths. This style goes well for new moms, requiring minimal upkeep yet still maintaining a fashionable look.

Butterfly Layers

Transform To Beauty Goddess!

Butterfly layers, adding lots of step waves to the look, is a soft and voluminous hairstyle. Even in short hair lengths, butterfly layers give the impression of length and bounds. Adding fancy clips can enhance its beauty for a fancier occasion.

One Side Fringe

Level Up Your Hair Game!

Old is gold! The classic one side curtain fringe is making a comeback but with a modern twist for short hair. This gives a symmetrical look to your short hair, creating the illusion of volume. It's an interesting style to try for young ladies open to experimenting with hair accessories.

Why Short Sew-In Hairstyles for 2024?

As per Vogue 2024 will see a lot of shine, metallics, and sequins in fabrics. Outfits will literally be glowing and glittering. In that case, you need your hair styled in a way that draws attention to your outfit yet complements and enhances your overall look. Short sew-in hairstyles are the best solution—they look polished, easy-going, yet are powerful with their minimalistic look, giving you the freedom to experiment with other parts of your ensemble.

In Conclusion

Are you planning to chop your hair for a short hairstyle or opting for the easy way out with sew-in extensions? While real hair chopping might take a few months to grow back, with short sew-in hairstyles, new looks never stop, and every two weeks, you can have a new avatar.