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Coil Curl Perfect Pony + JASS Set

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Get the perfect curly pony in this special edition set which includes the JASS Say "Freeze" Hairspray and drawstring ponytail at a special price!

Set Includes:
(1) Remix Coil Curl Ponytail
(1) JASS Say “Freeze" Hairspray

Remix Coil Curl is made from steam-permed virgin hair that has been machine drawn to ensure that all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and dyed to a 1B tone. The Coil Curl texture is a spiral curl pattern with a medium luster.

We do not recommend performing coloring services to the Remix Collection as it had been dyed to a 1B tone.

Weight is approximately 4.6oz (130gms) for 12" and 5.3oz (150gms) for 22"

About the Product


The perfect ponytail combo! The Remix Coil Curl Ponytail hair extensions can be installed with ease using by simply tightening its drawstring. The "Say Freeze" hairspray is a flexible hairspray that will keep your ponytail smooth and frizz free all night long. This ponytail comes in two lengths 12" and 22".Starting Price is $135

Hair Care

We recommend using Indique Hair Care Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner when washing your ponytail. Use our rench Argan Oil on wet hair to promote softness, frizz control, and shine. To define the curls, we recommend using curl defining creams, gels, or leave in conditioners. The "Say Freeze" hairspray is great for keeping fly aways in their place without leaving any residue behind.


The Coil Curl Ponytail can be worn up to a year, depending on maintenance and care. The expiration date for the "Say Freeze" spray can be found on each bottle.