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Indique Versatile Hair Texture With Afro Inspired Coil Curl

Bounce Coil Curl Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Snap in these gorgeous curls in minutes with our Bounce Coil Curl Clip-In extension set. These beautiful Indian virgin steam-permed curls are the perfect match to blend with textures that lie somewhere between curly and coily. Whether it's a few or a set or 2, add as many wefts as you desire to add extra fullness and length.

Stylist Tip: After installing your clip-ins, blend your natural hair and extensions together by doing a twist-out set

The Set Includes:

  • (2) 3” wefts with 2 clips
  • (2) 6.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • (2) 4.5” wefts with 3 clips
  • (2) 7.5” wefts with 4 clips
  • (2) 9” wefts with 4 clips

Length: 18in
Weight: Approx. 4.9oz

About the Product


Get the tousled medium luster bouncy curls in an instant with bounce coil curl clips that are lightweight but still promise you maximum density and great texture transformation. Highly versatile and easy to manage, this clip in set comes in 10 pieces that you can alter as per your choice while application. It just cost $379 for 18 inches of length.

Hair Care

Our line of steam-permed hair extensions is called Bounce. Since there are no chemicals used in our steam perm technique, straightening could cause the curly textures to loosen. Indique Hair Care Essentials should be used once a week to keep your hair soft and manageable. Our products are hydrating, sulfate-free, and contain French Argan Oil. The shampoo maximizes shine while gently cleansing and replenishing moisture. The conditioner hydrates the hair without making it heavy. For greater curl definition, we also advise using curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc.


Bounce Coil Curl Clip-In is steam-processed virgin hair and will last between 12-18 months.