Indique Curly Perfect Pony With JASS Set At Special Price
Indique Remix Curly Ponytail With Setting Hairspray For Long Lasting Stay
Indique Steam Permed Virgin Curly Hair Ponytail Affordable Human Hair
Indique Low Drawstring Ponytail And Long Lasting Hairspray For Perfect Curl
Indique Natural Long Curly Hair Machine Drawn Pony With Baby Hair
Indique Finishing Spray For Long Lasting Perfect Curly Pony

Curly Perfect Pony + JASS Set

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Get the perfect curly pony in this special edition set which includes the JASS Say "Freeze" Hairspray and drawstring ponytail at a special price!

Set Includes:
(1) Remix Curly Ponytail
(1) JASS Say “Freeze" Hairspray

Remix Curly is made from steam-permed virgin hair that has been machine drawn to ensure that all the cuticles are aligned in the same direction and dyed to a 1B tone.

We do not recommend performing coloring services to the Remix Collection as it had been dyed to a 1B tone.

Weight is approximately 4.6oz (130gms) for 12" and 5.3oz (150gms) for 22"