The Real Definition Of Human Hair Half Wigs

The Real Definition Of Human Hair Half Wigs

Hair wigs have been in the grooming industry for a long time, and they have evolved beautifully in terms of different textures, structures, and hair quality. Earlier in the day, many women used to stack tons of pins to secure hair wigs, which has now been replaced with comfortable TicTac clips, and wearing human hair half wigs can work equally well as compared to full wigs. But still, as human hair, half wigs are still new. Many people are confused about their use, ability, and utility. So, this blog will help you to understand them a little deeper.


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The Definition

Half Wigs And Full Wigs
Half Wigs And Full Wigs Have Huge Difference


The human hair half wigs are the kind of wigs that do not fully cover your head and only cover a certain portion that makes you seem less fuller-looking than a human. Often hair toppers and lace frontals are recognized as human hair half wigs because they are smaller in portion as compared to your full head size and still have Coverage enough to give you a heavy hairline.


Human Hair Half Wig Vs. Full Wig


The human hair half wig as said above is just a smaller portion of the full lace wigs, but they serve a somewhat similar purpose. If you buy great quality lace frontal wigs, they come with free partition, breathable lace, and are flexible enough that you can style them anywhere you want with full coverage. The same function is of a full wig. It is just that the lace covers your whole scalp and you get heavy hair volume not only on the front but also at the back.

Some key difference between human hair half wig and the full wig is:

  • The coverage area

  • The cost of where the human half wig is comparatively cheaper

  • The weight of human hair half wig is much more lightweight


Top 3 Human Hair Half Wigs of Indique


As told above human hair half wigs are also known as lace frontals and Indique deals in some of the top quality lace frontals you will find in the USA. So what are the best three picks of the stylists and experts are mentioned below.


SEA Bali Straight Lace Front Wig

Straight Shiny Indique Hair
Straight Shiny Hair


Promising multiple wigs hairstyles in their shine and voluminous straight textured that can also be heat styled for variations. This lace front wig comes with an ear-to-ear lace spread that gives the user advantage to trim the lace and adjust as per the right measurements. This lace front wig has full coverage promising heavy looking hairline and has the ability to hold the curls very well.


These straight lace front wigs have a subtle bouncy shine to them, which keeps them away from frizz for a longer period. It looks very good with step-layer cuts to add more depth to your look. It is available in two different lengths.


Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig

Pure Wavy Indique Hair
Pure Beauty


This lace front wig is indeed human hair half wig in all shapes and forms. It is made from authentic Indian hair that is known for its strength, adaptability, and high levels of protein to give voluminous look. The hair sourced for these wavy wigs is purely untreated and made of a hundred percent virgin Remy hair. It is easiest to handle ranging from hair washes to hair brushing and even responds best if you are planning to get your hair colored. You can get this wonderful lace front wig too in 2 different length ranges.


SEA Body Wave Lace Front Wig

Full Volume Promising Indique Hair
A Half Wig Promising Full Volume


If you crave sensual and voluptuous wavy hair, nothing can be better than having this body wave lace front. It has shine with very freestyle waves that accentuate your figure and features at the best. Not only that they are very glossy and have a lively feel to them, but a sturdy yet flexible base makes them a dream to have.



Finally, coming towards the end of the blog, we assume that you are well-versed to know that the human hair half wigs are not an alien thing, but just your regular lace frontal wigs that serve the purpose of a full wig. They only cover half of your head, making it very easy for you to carry them and manage them. So why invest money in a full wig when you can get all the benefits in the human hair half wigs right?