DIY Hairstyles Inspired By Iconic Christmas Treats

DIY Hairstyles  Inspired By Iconic  Christmas Treats

Merry Christmas! It is the most awaited time of the year when the winter breeze is flowing, and we still feel the warmth in cozy, furry jackets and smile ear to ear because the nights are blinking and the days are mesmerizing. Well, one thing about Christmas: the delicious food comes into the mind- sweet and warm.

But, how interesting it will be to have hairstyles inspired by your favorite Christmas dessert, and it will sit perfectly in the season. You know why? They will be equally exciting and trendy but still in your comfort zone. So, let’s get the inspiration baking.


Rustic Elegance

Iconic gingerbread. To replicate this dessert in your hairstyle, all you have to do is. Get your hair colored in shades of warm brown. If you cannot get your hair colored, buy natural human hair extensions and get them in shades of brown ginger. Now flat iron it. You can crimp them from the bottom or add subtle waves to elevate the look. Add big clips in the shape of stars, balls, and glittery bows to complete the look.

As the icing is very important on the gingerbread to make it look cute, if you can have accessories of white color, the look will be to the perfection.

Rum Balls

Beauty Booze

Tipsy, gypsy! Yes, to replicate the rum balls, all you have to do is divide your hair into two sections, and each section creates a high bun that goes angler to your ear. If you have a problem with hair volume, you can easily do this hairstyle with ponytail hair extensions. A drawstring ponytail can create good, heavy, volume ones for you. It is a great idea to recreate the look.

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Charm

Hot chocolate is so smooth and shiny, so this look may look simple but equally hard to achieve. But, thanks for reading this blog on the Indique page because we have shiny hair extensions like SEA Bali, Pure Straight and Kinky Straight, which are very gorgeous. All you have to do is put them on and top it up with the beautiful glittery hairband. If you want to experiment more, you can get these hair extensions colored in deep brown to look exactly like a hot chocolate.

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Golden Coziness

Eggnog is a classic drink that has been a custom Christmas drink for many ages because it is timeless yet relevant. If you want to put the essence of eggnog in your hairstyle, go blonde or white. You can create this look with Hysteria hair collection extensions. Install the light-colored hair and do any hairstyle you wish. Yes, you can use any hairstyle you want, and to add the shine and froth of eggnog, slap on some accessories. Yes, accessories that are golden in color or even big white pearls will do.

Toffee Pudding

Slick and Shiny

Toffee pudding is such a decadent to have during Christmas. It’s sticky, sweet and very indulging. If you also want people to indulge in your look, you definitely need this to be inspired. Firstly, get yourself ombre hair that ranges between the tones of warm brown to caramel. Now, with the help of hair gel or wax, do the slick back look, which gives that visualization of sticky toffee. The winters are already there, so very root-to-tip-slicked look is not needed. But you can do this at the front. Your hairstyle will definitely be a topic of conversation between the people, and trust us, it will happen for all the good reasons!


Full For Tummy and Hair!

It is a Italian desert that is loved by all across the globe, and it has all the right reasons to be loved like that. It’s fluffy, big and rich in flavor. You can have beautifully blown dry hair that gives that fluff and bounce to your hair, which gives it a fuller look. We also have a wide range of hair extensions available in a bounce collection, ranging from clip-ins to ponytails, so you can try to create this look. Firstly, it will give the essence of the desert, and secondly, these extensions are so big with good fluff that makes it very convenient for them to style them however you want. Even after Christmas, this texture is very convenient to use if you want to create volume hairstyles. As panettone has a lot of dry fruits and cherries in it, so put different colored hair beads. It will look adorable.


In Christmas, who doesn’t love dessert? They are sweet, tasty, and full of calories that keep you happy and full for the whole day. Similarly, who does not like good hairstyles? They are stylish, make you feel good, and look special all day. So, there is nothing better than a combination of deserts and inspired hairstyles that you can re-create for yourself and be the center of attention at the table like, literally!