Black Friday Deals For Different Hair Textures


Black Friday Deals For Different Hair Textures

Black Friday deals on different hair texture

Black Friday is here with major discounts on hair, skin and makeup brands. It is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. There are so many brands offering discounts, so you must be wondering who has the best deal?  

Indique sells the highest quality virgin hair and has announced up to 50% off on all their products. They provide healthy and natural looking hair that’s never pre-processed, treated, or mixed with synthetic fibers. Indique hair comes in a variety of textures, types, and lengths to give you the hair you deserve. Here are the amazing Black Friday deals for different hair textures you can be happy about.


Pure Collection

Indique’s Pure hair is the flagship collection of virgin Indian Remy hair. It is collected from the temples of India and is100% natural.


Pure Straight

Indique’s pure straight hair texture

Pure Straight hair texture is lustrous, sleek and has the perfect amount of body to give you beautiful hair. It is versatile, low maintenance and can be treated like your natural hair. You can add curls or flat iron as you wish.


Pure Wavy

 Indique’s pure wavy texture

This gorgeous Pure Wavy texture is 100% natural wavy virgin hair. It is versatile and has endless hairstyling options while maintaining its original wavy pattern. You can style it using hot tools, wear it one length, or in layers.

Pure Curly

Indique’s pure curly hair texture

Whether you prefer stunning curls or something sleek and chic, Pure Curly has the ability to be versatile. It is 100% natural curly hair from the temples of India. You can straighten it with a flat iron for a smooth style or cut it into beautiful layers. The curl pattern of the hair makes it bouncy, beautiful, and low maintenance.

Pure Curly Lace Front Wig

Pure Curly Lace Front wig gives complete coverage with lots of hairstyling options. These wigs have a freestyle parting area with wefts and a flexible base. It protects your natural hair and provides the most natural look. With a medium size cap and adjustable straps, Pure Curly Lace Front wigs look perfect on everyone.

Pure curly lace front wig for a protective style

Pure Wavy Lace Front Wig

Pure wavy lace front wig provides the most natural look

Pure Wavy Lace Front wig gives an illusion of hair growing from your natural hairline. It gives you full gorgeous waves that create movement and body. These curls don't require extra time and care to maintain their shape. Just shampoo, dry, and style!

Pure Braiding Hair

Indique’s pure braiding hair

Style your hair with Indique’s Pure Braiding Hair. It is pure virgin Indian hair and blends perfectly with your natural hair. The hair doesn’t contain any weft to secure to braids.

Bounce Collection

Indique hair offers chemical-free, steam-textured virgin Indian hair in a variety of textures to meet the lifestyle of their beautiful clients.


Bounce Relaxed Straight

Indique’s relaxed straight hair texture

Want to have a straight look with low luster and thickness? Relaxed straight hair texture is a perfect choice. It adds texture and blends perfectly with your natural hair while maintaining its natural shine and movement. Wear it straight for an elegant look or curl it for a voluminous, stunning look.

Bounce Blow Out

  Indique’s bounce blow out texture

Indique’s Bounce Blow Out texture can be worn in its natural state, curled, or flat ironed. The texture and the low luster of the hair provide the most natural look to their wearers. It blends seamlessly with your straight or blown out natural hair.

Bounce Beach Wave

Bounce beach wave texture for an effortless look

If you want effortless, defined, and tousled waves, Bounce Beach Wave texture is for you. It gives you beachy waves in minutes without the fuss of hot tools. Its unique pattern makes it the perfect wash and go texture.

Bounce Deep Wave

Bounce deep wave texture for volume

If you love your naturally curly hair texture but want to add more body to your hair, Bounce Deep Wave is perfect for you. With tons of volume and gorgeous waves, deep wave allows you to create a gorgeous style with a perfect cut.


Bounce Coil Curl

Indique’s bounce coil curl texture

Want a tight curl pattern that is lustrous, voluminous and defined? Bounce coil curl texture is what you are looking for. It is tangle free, low maintenance and gives you a heavily textured look. It has a distinct pattern that enables you to achieve a stunning curled hairstyle or a natural afro-inspired look.


Bounce Organic Curl

Indique’s bounce organic curl texture

Looking for a lightweight texture that can create naturally kinky styles? Indique’s bounce organic curl texture is perfect for you. It is the curliest hair pattern yet, the best choice to create beautiful, heavily textured styles to give you a full look.


Sea Collection

Indique’s Sea collection human hair extensions offer high-quality products. There are different high-quality hair textures in various lengths for different occasions. Enjoy 40% off the sea collection on this Black Friday!


Sea Bali Straight

Sea Bali Straight hair extensions from Indique

Sea Bali Straight hair extensions are straight in texture and provide a fresh look with tapered ends. It has a small kinky texture to give a natural look. Use a flat iron and a blow dryer if you want a sleeker look on this hair extension.


Sea Sumatra Wave

SEA Sumatra Wave has an elongated wavy pattern with medium shine and offers the most vibrant look. It contains the right amount of thickness and comes in five lengths. This hair is easy to style with a flat iron and curling wand. SEA Sumatra Wave can return to its original wavy form after washing.


Sea Tahitian Wave

 Stunning S-shaped waves with SEA Tahitian Wave

Achieve stunning tousled S-shaped waves with SEA Tahitian Wave. This hair extension has the perfect mix of waves and density to give you a glamorous look. Since the hair is made of virgin human hair, it comes in natural color (1b-2). The wavy pattern is distinct and has a lustrous texture.


Sea Zen Straight

SEA Collection’s SEA Zen Straight hair extension

Achieve natural-looking straight hair with SEA Collection’s SEA Zen Straight hair extension. It has undergone a 3-day steaming process to create beautiful and a relaxed straight look. The Straight extensions blend effortlessly with any hair textures. You have the option to straighten or curl it.


Sea Fiji Curl

 Indique’s SEA Fiji Curl

SEA Fiji Curl hair has undergone a 3-day steaming method to create defined and textured curly pattern. Use a curling wand at a low temperature to blend the fabulous corkscrew curls with your natural hair. This extension is great for women who are new to the world of extensions.



Live your life in color with hysteria collection of south east hair extensions. They are lustrous, tangle free and offered in colors 1, 3,6,26 and 631.


Hysteria Straight

Hysteria straight for a fashionable look

Make a fashion statement with Indique’s Hysteria straight hair extensions. They are lustrous, tangle free and are offered in variety of rich and vibrant colors.


Hysteria Classic

Indique’s Hysteria classic is versatile

Indique’s Hysteria classic is colored, 100% virgin Indian hair extensions. It is versatile and can be worn in a multiple of styles.  


Hysteria Straight Platinum Blonde Closure 4x4

Enjoy a variety of hair colors with Hysteria straight

Hysteria straight enables you to enjoy a variety of hair colors without having to damage your real hair. Indique’s hysteria closures are the perfect pair for your Hysteria extensions with an undetectable parted area. Give your natural hair a rest and wear your hysteria collection extensions for a flaw less look.



Indique’s remix collection is 100% virgin Remy hair with all the cuticles aligned in the same direction. They are long lasting and versatile.


Remix Body Wave

Body wave has a stunning s-pattern

Body Wave has a stunning s-pattern with a subtle curl toward the end. If you want long lasting curls and waves, then Remix Body wave is perfect for you.


Remix Deep Wave

Indique’s deep wave has lots of volume and gorgeous waves

Indique’s remix deep wave has lots of volume and gorgeous waves. It comes in variety of lengths and gives you the option to create the look you want. Choose deep wave for an effortless wash and go texture.


Studio Collection

Indique’s studio collection hair extensions are a great way to add volume to your hair. They enable you to change your looks in minutes.


Studio Fishnet: Curly

Achieve celebrity look at home with Studio fishnet: curly

Studio fishnet: curly is perfect to achieve voluminous, smooth and celebrity look at home without the expensive salon prices. Nine wefts are interlinked to create one unit, giving you the full, luscious hair.


Studio perfect 10: Straight

Studio perfect relaxed straight extensions are versatile

Indique’s studio perfect relaxed straight extensions are versatile and easy to apply. The 10 clip in set has five different widths in each set. It adds instant length and volume to different sections of your hair.



Indique’s 100% virgin Indian hair extensions are now within the reach of your fingers with up to 50% off on all the products. Join then beginning the 27th of November for the Black Friday event. It extends into a weekend long shopping spree to give you time and opportunities to do some targeted shopping. So--Ready, set shop!


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