Answers To Your Usual and Unusual Wig Problems: FAQ Special

Answers To Your Usual and Unusual Wig Problems: FAQ Special

If you are planning to buy the wig or already have one, there must be some basic and not-so-basic questions that might have popped up and left you curious and frustrated. Well, no unsettled feelings anymore. Here are straight-to-the-point answers about your hair wigs so that you can handle and wear them like an expert.

How To Put On A Wig?

Wig can be a total game changer

If you are wearing a lace front wig, you can apply the wig in the following steps-

  • Prepare your hair by combing and braiding hair in cornrows and settling them for no bumps.
  • Clear hairline edges with an alcohol solution to wipe off the oils and dirt.
  • Put on a wig cap and cover your whole scalp completely.
  • Dip makeup brush in safe adhesive solution and dab all over your wig cap
  • Prepare your lace front wig by clipping the edges up, so they don't get sticky at borders. Also, if you have premium lace wigs like Indique wigs, you can pluck out the hairline at the edges to look natural.
  • Now put 2 fingers under the wig and then place it on the crown area so that no air bubbles stay.

Secure with the fine tooth comb to press down your lace wig at the edges

How To Wash A Wig?

washing wig is easy if done with care


Washing the wigs could be tricky. But if you have premium virgin hair wigs, they are easy to wash and take care of. Indique wigs require general washing and maintenance. Regardless whether  it is a synthetic or human hair wig, and you can wash the wig following these steps-

  • Brush the wig from the bottom to top. Usually, all wigs are not made of virgin remy hair, so you must comb from the bottom first to remove tangles.
  • Now take a tub and fill the water in cold or lukewarm water.
  • Put 1-2 pumps of shampoo and mix in water well.
  • Flip the wig inside out and then soak in water for 10 minutes
  • Now rinse thoroughly in cold water. 
  • Apply conditioner and leave for 2 minutes and rinse again
  • Later, air dry to bring your wig back into its original texture. 

Note- Only premium Virgin remy human hair wigs can return to the original texture after washing.

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

The lace front wig is a specially designed semi-permanent hair extension that acts as a hair topper and has more length than width. It can be sewn to your head to give you the illusion of a denser hairline. It allows the user to choose what kind of hairline they need based on how you pluck out the edges. The lace front Indique wig is made of premium virgin hair that holds the capacity to be parted in any direction and can be washed with your regular hair.

What Is A Closure Wig?

The lace closure is a smaller version of the lace front wig and usually has a length and width of the same measurements. It is sewn half an inch behind your hairline to give the fuller-looking crown area. It gives you better coverage to part your hair in any direction. Best for people to hide bald spots. Indique closure wigs are easy to install and style with regular combs and heat-style tools.

How To Pluck A Wig?

Wig plucking is a skill that gets mastery with time


Plucking a wig can be tricky. You can pluck synthetic wigs, too, but it will be better if you go for premium human hair wigs because they have a sturdy base and don't tear apart easily. However, this is a general and direct pointer on wig plucking you can put into use-

  • Firstly bleach the wig knots for easy skin tone matching
  • Put your wig on a stand for a strong grip
  • With a rat tail comb, comb the hairline to get one level of smoothness
  • Get a tweezer and start plucking hair from the wig in an upward snap momentum
  • Do the process across the hairline till it looks natural enough for you

How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

The premium lace front wigs last up to 15 months with regular usage of alternate days. However, it highly depends on what kind of wig you are using and what level of maintenance you do. If you use Indique lace wigs, these semi-permanent hair extensions can be reused and, with good maintenance will stay in good shape for approximately a year.

How Long Does A Wig Install Last?

The healthy period of any lace wig installation is a maximum of up to 12 weeks. If you are using quality lace wigs from Indique, they will stay up to 12 weeks in the best shape with regular maintenance and even longer. But, it is recommended to get your extensions removed after 3 months of duration to help your real hair grow and breathe.

How Much Do Wigs Cost?

Different wigs cost different rates. But here is the list of premium lace wigs that you can expect in the following price range.

  • Lace front wig: $400-$500
  • Lace closure wig: $120-$250
  • Full Lace Wig- $600-$800

The price may vary depending on the quality of hair, length, texture, and volume you choose, but this is an average price range.

How To Make A Wig Look Natural?

Easy ways to make wig look natural


The first step to making a wig look natural is to buy a virgin human hair wig. They have a real hair-like appearance and texture to give a natural look. Here are some easy tips to make your wig look natural.

  • Pluck the wig from the hairline to avoid a false heavy front
  • Bleach the knots and color to skin tone for easy camouflaging
  • Give your wig trims, so it doesn't have a false standard shape

If wearing lace front or closure wigs, try to match the textures of your real hair and wig with heat styling

How To Make The Wig Less Shiny?

If you are buying synthetic wigs, then chances are that your wig may look shiny as poly fibers have an unnatural gloss to them. But here are some simple hacks that you can use carefully (as treating synthetic wigs shortens the life) to reduce the shininess

  • Buy a hair wig matching your existing hair color shade
  • Put baby powder in front
  • Spray fabric softener solution 
  • Use apple cider and water solution
  • Apply dry shampoo

Or, you can avoid all this fuss by buying natural virgin human hair wigs with subtle shine giving all genuine hair vibes.

Can You Dye A Wig?

Yes, of course, you can. The only condition is that it must  be virgin human hair extensions to get the best results. If  you bleach the synthetic wig, it may start melting. And, if you use regular human hair extensions, the pigmentation may not be that promising. Untreated virgin hair extensions are safe to dye, keep your wig healthy, and show good color pigmentation.

Finally, we are here at the end of the blog after offering answers to your questions related to wigs. Almost every question listed above has a doable solution, and surprisingly Indique wigs offers So, if you are already an owner of the wig, try to approach your wig problem with the solutions listed above and if not, buy an Indique wig. They are so easy to handle and style that these questions might not even pop your head. So get your mind "question-free" and go for a wig shopping spree!