6 Exciting Ways To Style Your Edges Like A Pro

6 Exciting Ways To Style Your Edges Like A Pro

Baby hairs, also called edges, are a beautiful addition to the hairstyle game that can accentuate a hairstyle further. Once again, black women defined fashion and were the first to design hairlines and edges. Black women have used the social media apps like TikTok and Instagram to highlight the various ways they style their edges, from the incredibly straightforward to the most elaborate and the most dramatic ones.

To give a distinctive appearance to their edges, some people go a step further and embellish their edges with diamonds, color, and other decorations. With the use of various treatments, swooping down newborn hairs, and styling those baby hairs in unique and complicated ways, grooming the edges has been ingrained in our culture.

Let’s look at some of the different ways in which you can style your edges and give your look a further appeal.

Tools Required For Styling Your Edges

Edges Styling Tools
Style your edges in fun ways.

Before discussing the numerous baby hair styling techniques, let's talk about tools. Using the correct equipment and the proper method can help you succeed in getting those baby hairs to stay precisely where you put them.

Grab an edge brush or a brush with soft bristles (the hair is so fine that you should be delicate with it), extra hold hairspray, and edge control gel or hair gel.

We love the DESIGN ESSENTIALS® SLEEK EDGE CONTROL: 3.7 OZ because it smooths the hairline and edges and tames frizz and fly always without buildup, and the JASS SAY “FREEZE" HAIR SPRAY, for its fast drying, flexible fixative with exceptional hold.

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Different Edge Styling Techniques

Anyone with a range of hair textures can slick down their baby hairs or edges and alter their appearance by using the appropriate edge control gel and brush. Although decorating your edges is not required, we adore how it can completely transform your appearance and is so easy to do.

Go Natural

Natural Edges Styling
Be gentle with your edges when styling them

We understand that not everyone wants a very complex hairline. That doesn't mean you would want those little hairs poking out everywhere, either. If you don't control baby hair, a polished appearance like a sleek ponytail or slicked-back style may not happen.

Baby hair should be combed into the rest of your hair for a more natural appearance or left to hang straight in the direction it naturally leans. Smooth the baby hair into the rest of your mane or in the direction it naturally falls using your soft bristle brush or edge brush and use a gel to hold it down.

Swirl Around

Baby hair in wisps

Swirly edges do exactly what they sound like: they use those hairline wisps to produce a pattern that resembles an abstract scribbling but is more controlled. Simply varying the size of the swirls, extending them to the sideburns, and combining them with different baby hairstyles, this may be one of the most popular edge styling treatments.

Style your hair as usual, then begin combing your baby hair down with your edge comb while applying the gel as needed to achieve the desired effect. Then, until you achieve the desired appearance, start making swirling patterns along your hairline with the tip of your bristles.


Create waves with this edge style

Wavy edges can be created by repeating a pattern of tiny swishes that is more complicated than your natural hairline but less defined than swoops. It's a more subtle choice for styling baby hair, but it doesn't make your edges any less striking.

Add some gel to your edges once the rest of your hair has been styled. Sweep the hair in the rest of your mane in straight layers by softly scooping it in with the bristles of the edge brush. The narrow end of your edge comb can also be used to distinguish one wave from the next and to give your wave roots some depth.


Swoop your edges in

Swooped baby hairs employ more hair to create a design than swirls do. This design kind of resembles a thicker version of the wildly popular swoosh symbol you've grown to adore. The hair is practically swooped into a beautiful style that flows into the rest of your mane. As this style uses more hair, remember to use extra DESIGN ESSENTIALS® SLEEK EDGE CONTROL: 3.7 OZ to hold the swoops in place.

Heart Shaped

Show your love

To create the heart-shaped edges with your baby hair, start by combing your hair against your head, forward and downward. Then, divide the hairs along your hairline into portions. This is critical because you must join the parts together. Start a swirl by making a loop that terminates in the middle. Start a swirl with a loop facing the previous one using hair that is directly across from that portion. The goal is to combine the two ends to produce a baby hairstyle with a heart shape that anyone can enjoy.

Add Jewels

Natural Edges Styling
Touch of glam

Any baby hair can be adorned with jewels. Even a few pearls or crystals placed at your hairline, which are currently extremely in style, can upgrade any hairstyle. Wait for your gel to dry once you've finished styling your hair and applied your swoops, swirls, or waves. Using tacky hair glue, begin adhering your hair jewels to the correct location. Follow the instructions on the hair glue carefully to avoid misusing it and damaging your hair.


Making creative designs for your edges is a thing that works for practically all hairstyles that highlight your hairline in the front of your head. These baby hair are not only plucked, but they are also beautifully and presentably groomed. Baby hair designs are a creative method to showcase your sense of style.

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a lace front wig or real hair wigs; you can create these beautiful edge styles with them, but of course, with the help of products from your favorite Indique Hair.