10 Times Nicki Minaj Got Us Drooling Over Her Hairstyles


10 Times Nicki Minaj Got Us Drooling Over Her Hairstyles

Nicki Minaj, a famous singer, model, and rap star, has always been in talks when it comes to her iconic hairstyles. She is also known for boldly carrying different hairstyles than any other celebrity. If you are looking for hairstyle goals, then look no further than Nicki Minaj. Aware of the chemicals that hair color comprise, Minaj prefers wearing hair extensions and wigs to carry out her sassy hairstyles.


Be it sew-in, weave, or ombre hair, Minaj has carried hairstyles using them in the best way one can. If you are willing to carry iconic hairstyles, here is a list of the 10 best hairstyles Nicki Minaj wore to inspire you!

1. Colored Bangs

Colored Bangs

If you want colorful hair but don’t know how many colors should be on them, have a look at Nicki’s colored bangs. While she used colors extremely opposite, she made them look tamed and of the right amount. While blond is the focus here, you can always add colors to it and still keep it the main highlight! Applying colors in a limited amount can give you a very sassy look, just like that of Minaj.

You can achieve this hairstyle by simply getting a blond wig and add desired colors to it.

2. Golden High Top Bun

Nicki Minaj in a golden high top bun

Looking for a color to cover all your hair? What is better than golden to just stand out of the crowd? Nicki Minaj carries the golden high top bun with all her sassiness, looking like a goddess! This hairstyle is easy to achieve and gives your face the perfect cut. The color chosen here goes perfectly with her complexion, highlighting her facial features.

You can achieve this hairstyle by using sew-in or weave hair extensions. You can also check out ombre hair extensions for the same. All you got to do is apply any of the above-mentioned hair extensions and color your hair golden. Once you have colored it, take the section of your hair on the top of your head and simply make a bun out of it. Leave the rest of your hair open and look stunningly gorgeous in this high top bun.

3. Fiery Orange Waves

Nicki, in her bold-looking fiery orange hair

Orange hair is not that common, and therefore, if you are looking forward to getting them, you are in for a look that gives you a bold yet fierce look! While short hair makes you look more confident than ever, the orange color shows how courageous you are.

To achieve this hairstyle of Nicki, get your hands on a wig, color it orange, create waves using a curling wand, and rock the fierce orange hair! If you are planning to keep this hairstyle for a longer duration, then you can opt for sew-in hair extensions for the same.

4. Long Straight Black Hair

Nicki Minaj pulling off the long black hairstyle

It is important to give rest to all those funky colors sometimes and focus on plain ones. Taking a break from her bold and fierce color expedition, Nicki Minaj successfully leaves us mesmerized with her silky long straight black hair. Gorgeous as ever, she carries this hairstyle with all the elegance.

To achieve this hairstyle, you can opt for sew-in, weave, or clip-in hair extensions. Just apply any of the above extensions and get those long silky hair! If your hair is wavy, you can always opt for a flat iron. Make sure you use it carefully in case of sew-in or weave hair extensions.

5. Neon Green Bob

Nicki Minaj’s neon green bob cut

This is not an everyday hairstyle, but it can definitely grab the attention of the crowd you pass by. The neon green color highlights Nicki’s face so well that you cannot miss this picture at all. No matter how hair damaging the color looks, there are always extensions and Human Hair Wigs to the rescue, just like Nicki opted for here. Grab a wig and color the hair neon green to achieve this look. To keep this hairstyle for a longer period, go for sew-in hair extensions and get that neon green color on them.

6. Half Blonde Half Blue

Nicki in half blonde half blue hair

Carrying two extremely different colors on a head and making it look all the way more stylish is something that only Nicki Minaj can do. If you are worried about hair damage, it is something that is negligible. To achieve this hairstyle, you can either grab blond ombre hair and color them half blue or just grab a blonde wig and color it the same way. If you want to avoid bangs, you can opt for sew-in hair extensions and keep this hairstyle for a longer duration.

7. All Pink

Nicki Minaj in pink long hair

If your favorite color is pink and it has been only limited to your imagination if everything on your could be as pink as possible, Nicki Minaj has made that a reality for you. The way she carries the all-pink look leaves us jaw-dropped! To achieve this hairstyle, get your hands on pink ombre hair and give lighter-colored highlights to your hair.

8. Blonde and Pink Ponytail  

Nicki Minaj in a blonde pink ponytail

Apart from multi-color hairstyles, Nicki has also successfully carried a blonde pink ponytail. A ponytail is the best option if you want your hair not to disturb your face. Carry your ponytail in style just like Nicki by getting a blonde ponytail extension and applying it to your hair. To achieve this look, Tie your hair at the back and wear the blonde ponytail extensions. If you want to go pink, just color them up!

9. Straight Half Blonde Half Pink

Nicki rocking the half blonde half pink hairstyle

How many times would you have thought of having two colors in a simple hairstyle? You imagine it and Nicki Minaj has aced it. Only Nicki can manage to look stunning and gorgeous at the same time in such a hairstyle. While she has one side of her hair blonde, the other side of it is pink. To achieve this look, you can blond ombre hair extensions and color them pink on one side.

10. All Red Long Hair

Nicki Minaj in the all-red look

Although she has aced almost all the colors, Nicki is well known for carrying vibrant colors like a queen. Here, she goes all red with long straight hair. To achieve this look, you can wear sew-in or weave hair extensions and color the hair red.

Be it pink, green, blue, golden, or red, you name the color and Nicki has aced it. If you have always wondered how you’d look in any of the above-listed colors, Nicki has it answered for you. If you still think there is time for you to be this bold, you can always start with subtle colors using sew-in, ombre, or weave hair extensions. Most of the hairstyles aced by Nicki are sew-in. Check out premium quality sew-in hair extensions at Indique hair.  


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