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Chic Hair Color Ideas For Wigs

Wigs have always played a massive role in a woman’s life for several decades, and it doesn't seem as though the hype will end anytime soon. One of the amazing things about wearing wigs is the versatility. You can go from one color to another with pre-colored Human Hair Wigs. If your wig isn’t already colored, then you have the option to color it to your liking. Here are chic hair color ideas for wigs and a few secret tips for maintaining healthy hair for color-treated curls.

 Stunning and chic hair color ideas for wigs

Before you start coloring your wigs or purchasing a colored one, be sure to choose colors that compliments your skin tone.

Blonde Bob Human Hair Wigs

Rapper Cardi B in a blonde colored wig

The red carpets of Hollywood have seen hundreds of blonde bob wigs worn by celebrities for decades. A blonde bob wig can completely change your look; go from rags to riches with a blonde bob wig.

Fiery Red Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Look bold and confident in a fiery red human hair wig

Red lace front wigs can do wonders, and it is one of the most popular colors for 2020-2021. Invest in a wavy lace wig in red color. With a wavy wig, you have the option to wear it the way it is or straighten it to achieve a sleek look. Lace wigs have multiple parting options, so there’s never a dull moment.

Warm Caramel Balayage Hair Color

Warm caramel balayage hair color

A warm caramel balayage on Wavy Wigs looks stunning no matter the season. The waves and caramel color is a match made in heaven. This chic color will make your wig stand out.

Go the extra mile and create big curls on your wavy wigs to make it look like curly lace front wigs.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Wig

Look beautiful and feel like a star with a dark blonde wig color

Make your human hair wigs look beautiful and realistic by choosing a full lace wig in dark blonde color. A full lace wig provides you with infinite styling options, especially tied and braided hairstyles. I recommend wavy wigs because they are stylish and a favorite among the elite members of Hollywood.

Blonde Ombre Bob

Best of both worlds with this bronde ombre color

The beauty of ombre colors is that there are many different colors available, and one of the most sought after color is the bronde ombre. It is a classic color that is appropriate for work and fun for after-work activities. Choose a side-parted look on your bronde bob and look gorgeous.

Blue And Pink Hair Wig

Bright and bold colors that you need to try on your wig

Choose a blue and pink colored wig, inspired by rapper Nicki Minaj. This hairstyle is fun and great for summer days. The bright colors look great in dresses and pantsuits.

Curly Brown Ombre Hair Wigs

Curly brown ombre wig

Make your human hair wigs look natural with a brown ombre color this summer. Brown ombre hair compliments dark skin and makes your eyes pop. Create curls a few centimeters away from the roots to achieve a voluminous and radiant look.

Bright Triple Colored Ombre Hair

Three color ombre look for your wig

If you are a daredevil who lives by their own rules, get three colored ombre wavy human hair wigs. One of the best hair color combinations for this look is green, purple, and pink, respectively. Each color transitions effortlessly and creates a wholesome look.

Lavender Wavy Wigs

IT color for summer and spring seasons

Give your dark-colored curly lace front wigs a rest and choose a lavender-colored wavy wig. Choose a wavy wig with smooth hair texture in lavender color. This hair color looks great when you style your wig in a messy straight way.

Pink Wig With Curly Hair Texture

Show off your curly hair texture in a bright pink wig

Pink wig with curly afro hair texture makes you stand out in the crowd. Cut the wig in the front to create bangs and rock this pink color in a two-piece outfit.


Dual Colored Wigs

Contrast colors on your wavy wigs

This is not your ordinary dual-colored human hair wigs; the two colors are partitioned vertically. Choose two bright and contrasting colors and showcase your different sides. You have unlimited options when it comes to clothes with these two colors. These types of wigs are usually made of premium synthetic materials.


Pastel Box Braid Human Hair Wigs

Pastel box braids

Are you tired of straight, wavy, and curly lace front wigs? Try box braids in pastel colors. Play with your hair and make it attractive, chic and stylish. Wear your pastel box braid human hair wig during springtime to match the colorful season.


Mint Green Box Braid Wigs

Box braids in a unique pastel color

Who said Box braids only come in black? There are several hair color options for these types of braids. Express yourself with a mint colored Box braid wig and make jaws drop!


Blonde Streaks

The IT coloring style of 2020

If your wig color is black or dark brown, then choose blonde streaks on the front sections to make your look pop. This hair color has made a comeback in 2020, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Appear fresh with minty colored wigs and slay the style with confidence.


Curly Silver Highlights

Gorgeous curly wig with a stunning color

Get silver highlights on your curly human hair wigs to elevate your look. The silver color on black curly lace front wigs makes you look chic, and it is a popular color amongst wig lovers.


Additional tips

If you cannot find colored human hair wigs then color them yourself at home. There are two ways to dye your human wigs: watercolor method and brushing method.

To color your hair with the watercolor method, fill a container with hot water, put your wig in it, and add the color you want. Wear gloves and make your wig absorb the color, then take it out and rinse. Repeat the process if you are not happy with the color.

For the brushing method, mix the color you want in a container with a hair developer and follow the instruction on the pamphlet or the box. The brushing method is similar to coloring your natural hair. Let the hair sit for 30 minutes or as per the instruction and rinse it thoroughly as you would to your hair.


How to take care of color-treated wigs

Take care of your curly, straight, and wavy wigs with TLC. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners on your human hair wigs, especially after coloring them. Here are a few secret tips that you need to do if you want to know How To Maintain Healthy Hair For Color-Treated Curls.


Moisturize your wigs

Avoid dryness after coloring by moisturizing your wigs. Use French Argan Oil from Indique Virgin Hair.


Deep condition

Colored wigs should be deep conditioned during wash days to retain color and moisture to keep your human hair wigs looking luscious.


Handle with care

Be gentle when handling your wigs because they are fragile after being dyed.

These are 15 chic colored wigs that you need to have in your life. Look beautiful and feel confident with these amazing colors for your human hair wigs. Follow the tips to maintain your color-treated curly and other types of wigs and extend their lifespan.



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