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Natural Wavy Closure

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Natural Wavy Closure


Our closures provide an undetectable, freestyle parted area - you choose where you’d like the part to be. Dimensions: Approx. 4.75” wide and 6.75” deep including the extra lace. Approx. 4.75” wide and 5.25” deep without the extra lace. Our swiss lace base provides maximum coverage and maximum protection.
$225.00  and up
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Indique’s Closure blends with your hair effortlessly and finishes off your style with a totally undetectable parted area. Part your hair anyway you choose with ease and confidence. Show off a beautiful style while giving your damaged and fragile natural hair a rest or just wear it for its flawless look and easy styling. You can also curl or flat iron your closure or wear it in its natural texture for a gorgeous and full, flowing style.

• Bleached knots for undetectable hairline
• Baby hairs for a completely natural look
• RSD Single Drawn hair: hair looks naturally tapered at the ends
• 100% density
• Reinforced edges with Polyurethane to minimize any tearing
• Holes in the edges to sew through
• Virgin wavy hair from India
• Blends well with Pure Wavy, Bounce Beach Wave, and SEA Tahitian Wave