Lotus Collection Wavy Closure Model
Lotus Wavy Closure
Lotus Wavy Closure
Lotus Wavy Closure

Lotus Wavy Closure

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Elevate your protective style with Indique's latest Lotus Collection Wavy Closure. This expertly designed closure perfectly complements wavy textures, delivering an unmatched natural appearance. Our premium HD lace base ensures exceptional coverage, providing you with the confidence of invisible lace and the allure of easily manageable waves. Discover the exceptional quality and seamless blend that only Indique's Lotus Collection Wavy Closure can offer.

Introducing Indique's Lotus Collection, a luxurious new line of hair extensions sourced directly from the rural villages of Cambodia. This collection celebrates the rich cultural heritage shared between Cambodia and India, capturing the unique beauty that arises from this historical connection. Cambodian hair is renowned for its perfect blend of Indian virgin hair's natural waviness and the thickness and volume characteristic of Southeast Asian hair. The result is luxurious, full-bodied textures that provide the best of both worlds for those seeking voluminous hair with unparalleled thickness. Experience the pinnacle of luxury hair with Indique's Lotus Collection—an investment in beauty, quality, and heritage that promises to elevate your hair game to extraordinary new heights.

The Source: Indique is committed to ethical sourcing, collecting raw Cambodian hair from local women who sell their hair to support their families. Each strand in the Lotus Collection is unprocessed, maintaining its natural integrity and ensuring the highest quality. Given the limited population of Cambodia and the increasing trend of hair coloring among local women, the availability of this premium virgin hair is exceptionally rare. Indique's dedication to maintaining stringent quality standards means that each piece is meticulously hand-selected and crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that you receive only the finest hair extensions.

Our closures provide an undetectable, freestyle parted area—you choose where you’d like the part to be.

Dimensions: Approx. 5” wide and 6” deep including the extra lace. Approx. 5” wide and 5” deep without the extra lace.

  • HD Lace
  • RSD Single Drawn hair: hair looks naturally tapered at the ends
  • 100% density
  • Reinforced edges to minimize any tearing
  • Virgin wavy hair from Cambodia
  • Blends well with Lotus Wavy, Pure Wavy, Bounce Beach Wave, and SEA Tahitian Wave

Each Lotus Wavy Closure contains approx. 1.5oz (45gms) of hair.

To maintain the integrity of your delicate lace closure, avoid applying shampoo or conditioner directly to its base. Always handle your lace piece gently and with great care.

  • Cambodian virgin hair straightens effortlessly with a flat iron.
  • This luxurious, wavy Cambodian raw hair texture ensures long-lasting, voluminous curls.
  • Seamlessly returns to its natural wave pattern after every shampoo and conditioning.
  • Proper care during the drying process prevents frizziness.
  • For fuller, frizz-free hair, style only when hair is completely dry.

To define waves:

  • Use paddle brush to detangle wet hair;
  • Distribute product evenly;
  • Scrunch;
  • Allow to air dry or use diffuser for more volume.

Product Suggestions:

  • Indique Hair Care Essentials 
  • Curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc.
  • Stylist Tip: Curl and Wave defining products are more effective when applied to wet hair. 

General Maintenance: Shampoo and condition your Cambodian hair with Indique Hair Care Essentials weekly to maintain softness and manageability. Our products are sulfate-free and moisturizing. The shampoo gently cleanses, adds moisture, and boosts shine. The conditioner hydrates without weighing down your hair. For best results, visit your stylist regularly for shampooing, especially with sewn-in Cambodian bundles. Proper cleansing and drying are essential. Always handle hair extensions gently and shampoo in a downward motion.Use minimal styling products to avoid weighing down your hair.

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Sourced exclusively from Cambodia, Lotus Wavy is a luxurious and rare selection of premium extensions. With a gorgeous, voluminous wavy texture, this hair is perfect for creating effortless beach waves, glamorous curls, or flat ironing silky-straight.

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