To Our Indique Family,

Over the past two weeks, I have personally experienced the depths of my community's collective pain. As the days unfolded, the emotions increased. The raw reality of our national issue floated to the top for all to witness. This crisis is nothing new for us. We go about our day and make the best of what we have—accustomed to tactfully finding ways to work through and around the ugly existence of racism. This discrimination is not okay.

Indique is a brand for women of all ethnicities with a majority client-base of black women and a majority staff of black women. Every one of us has had similar discouraging experiences involving racism. Since the inception of Indique, our overarching goal had always been to highlight black beauty, confidence, opportunity, and sisterhood. We didn't see our beautiful brown faces glorified on ads, so we created it. No one was telling the stories about the success of our sisters, so we told them. Outside of the hair extensions, we evolved to be a brand that our community trusts. A bond built through our connections and the common thread of black sisterhood never broken.

Indique will continue to empower the black community through our platform. Our dedication to making way for change will not cease until all experience peace.

Please, let's take care of one another and always know that the light WILL prevail.

Highest Love,

Ericka Dotson