Machine Wefted Hair

A wide variety of textures of machine wefted hair, perfect for all weaving techniques from braid less to sew-ins. Sourced from Indian and South East Asia our hair extensions are perfect to achieve any style and provide the most natural looking hair.

      About the Collection


      A wide variety of textures of machine wefted hair. Sourced from India and South East Asia our extensions are perfect to achieve your ideal style and provide the most natural looking hair.

      • Textures Available: Straight, Textured Straight, Wavy, Curly, Coily, Kinky
      • Length Available: 10"-36"
      • Quality: Virgin, Colored, Steamed & Machine Drawn Human Hair
      • Source: India & South East Asian

      Hair Care

      "Rinse the hair under warm water. It is important that you keep the plastic security band around the bundle during this process to avoid tangling. Then, run your fingers through the hair. Set out to air dry. Once dry, the hair should be tangle and shed-free. If you detect any problems during this pre-installation process, please contact us immediately.


      The extensions can last for up to 1 year depending on the care and maintenance.


      Machine wefted hair extensions are bundles of hair bound together by a thread to create tracks. These tracks are either single wefted or double wefted and can be installed based on your hair requirement.
      With adequate care and regular maintenance, machine weft extensions can last up to 1 year. You may need to reinstall them every 3-6 months based on your hair growth. These machine wefted hair extensions can easily be reinstalled due to the quality they carry.
      Yes. The most important factor would be the installation technique used. For thin hair, the stylist must create a solid foundation. Machine wefted hair at Indique is of premium quality and does not harm in any way.
      We recommend using 2 or more machine-wefted bundles for a full head. Typically, the longer the length of the machine wefted hair extensions, the more bundles may be needed to achieve the desired fullness.
      Machine weft extensions do not cause hair loss on their own. It has nothing to do with the machine wefted hair as the damage completely depends on the installation. Hair loss occurs when the wefts aren’t properly installed or maintained.
      Several techniques use wefted extensions such as traditional sew-in and micro links. For Traditional sew in of wefted human hair extensions one must braid their hair in a cornrow and then install the extensions with a stitching method. For Microlinks, you would need a hot plier to get the installation done.
      Wefted human hair extensions are typically installed by sewing them in. In this instance, they are removed by cutting the thread out with scissors and undoing the cornrows created to install the wefts.
      Yes, you can dye Indique’s machine wefted human hair extensions as they are made of ethically sourced virgin human hair, and are of premium quality. These extensions let you dye, cut, and style the way you want.
      You can get your favorite machine weft hair extensions from our website or an Indique boutique near you. Indique has over 10+ stores across the US, you can find the nearest hair store by visiting
      Indique is known for its premium quality hair extensions so Yes, you can cut style or color the wefted hair extensions the way you want as they are made of virgin human hair ethically sourced from India and Southeast Asia.