Curly Hair

Our collection of Curly Human Hair extensions are alive and full of body, with a tight bouncy curly texture. The curly hair texture is natural and the hair is chemical free, meaning that it will always revert back to its original curly form.

      About the Collection


      An unmatched variety of curly textures to match your curl pattern. Beautifuls curls ranging from soft ringlets to kinky curly!

      • Textures Available: Curly, Coily, Kinky
      • Length Available: 10"-30"
      • Products Available: Lace Front Wigs, Machine Wefted Bundles, Clip-Ins
      • Quality: Virgin & Machine Drawn Human Hair
      • Source: Indian & South East Asia

      Hair Care

      We suggest using Indique Hair Care Essentials weekly to maintain softness and manageability. Our products are sulfate free, moisturizing, and infused with French Argan Oil. The shampoo gently cleanses, replenishes vital moisture, and maximizes shine. The conditioner provides hydration without weighing down the hair. We also suggest using curl defining crème, spray, mousse, etc. for better curl definition. For detailed texture tips visit hair care guide.


      The extensions can last for up to 1 year depending on the care and maintenance.


      The typical lifespan of curly hair extensions is up to 1 year, sometimes even longer. Your curly hair extensions' lifespan will depend on maintenance and how frequently you wear them.
      If you want a headful of gorgeous ringlets, Pure Curly is a phenomenal choice. Bounce Coil Curl & SEA Fiji Curl are ideal for soft, defined, and voluminous curls. Bounce Organic Curl Hair Extension is the best option if you desire a tighter curl with low luster.
      You can get hair extensions in curly, coily, and kinky textures. The right curly hair extensions are the one made of virgin human hair as they will act naturally like your real hair and will be easy to manage.
      Check out our hair care guide for maintenance tips and product recommendations for curly textures.
      Remix curly human hair extensions start at $69, Pure curly hair starts at $169, Curly Hair Extensions from Bounce Collection start at $179, and SEA starts at $79.
      Yes, You can. We suggest going for semi permanent hair extensions like Sew in curly hair extensions for long or short curly hair.
      Yes, You can. The selection depends on your natural hair. You can get Kinky curly hair extensions if you have kinky curly hair or just curly hair extensions if your hair is not that coarse or thick.