Your Indique Hair Black Friday Wishlist!

Your Indique Hair Black Friday Wishlist!


Black Fridays have always been a highlight of the holiday season, and this year it will be bigger and better! Brace yourself for the most exciting Black Friday deals offered by Indique Hair and have your best holiday ever.


At Indique Hair, all the fantastic hair extensions and product collections are available during the Black Friday sale, offering you up to 50% savings! If you have trouble deciding on the perfect texture, we’ve got you covered.


We have listed Indique Hair’s best products and collections to purchase during this amazing, once-a-year Black Friday sale:


1. The Pure Collection

Indique's Flagship Collection
Indique's Flagship Collection


The Pure Collection is one of Indique Hair’s best selling collections, transforming Indique Hair into the global hair extensions and accessories franchise we know today. The fantastic individuals at Indique Hair take the utmost pride and honor with the quality of the most natural, virgin, and pure hair extensions collection. The consistency and ubiquity of the pure collection’s quality and experience are nonpareil, making these iconic hair extensions extremely sought after.


This renowned flagship collection consists of the best virgin Indian Remy hair meticulously handpicked from India’s temples. Each bundle in the signature pure collection comes in approximately 4oz. of hair.


The hair extensions and products in the pure collection are universally adored letting everyone have their choice. The wide range of hair extensions and accessories include pure straight, pure wavy, pure curly, pure curly front wig, pure wavy lace front wig, and pure braiding hair.


In this collection, you are assured of variety in texture and application, and styling without hindering the products’ sustainability. These premium hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces instantly add length, volume, and style to your look.

The Pure Collection Black Friday deals at Indique Hair are going to be amazing! Try Indique's Pure Collection by catching this fantastic sale.


2. The Bounce Collection

Bounce Collection by Indique
Bounce Collection by Indique


The Bounce Collection is fun collection curated by Indique CoFounder, Ericka Dotson. The collection consists of Indian hair obtained from the most thorough collection process. The steam-textured virgin hair is bouncy and versatile for any lifestyle.


The Bounce collection is one of Indique Hair’s top-selling hair extension collections for its astounding performance under all conditions and outstanding results for any requirement. This collection is universally designed for all lifestyles with textures of all choices.


The varieties of consistency in the Bounce collection are obtained through the natural steaming process without using any synthetic corrosive chemicals extending the hair’s life-span. Each bundle contains about 4oz. of hair.


In this collection, you can choose unique products from the following:


Bounce Relaxed Straight: The most natural and unaltered hair is used to bounce relaxed straight hair extensions.


Bounce Blow-Out: The bounce blow-out hair extension looks natural and bouncy; it easily blends in with your hair.


Bounce Natural Roots: The roots in this hair extension are virgin and unhampered, giving an indistinguishable natural appearance.


Bounce Beach Wave & Bounce Deep Wave: Wavy textures in these products are among the finest ones that are impossible to replicate.


Bounce Coil Curl & Bounce Organic Curl: Curly hair extensions in this collection can retain the steam-textured curls for the most prolonged duration, making them perfect for a switch-up in look.


3. The SEA Collection

Vibrant, Lustrous, Shiny Virgin SEA Collection
Vibrant, Lustrous, Shiny Virgin SEA Collection


The SEA collection is one of Indique Hair’s assemblage of the most vibrant, lustrous, and shiny virgin hair from South East Asia. The group’s hair is perfect to glam up your night, day, or wherever you are.


This incredible deal at Indique Hair will offer one of the best prices you will find for premium, quality hair. You will love this deal even more this Black Friday with Indique Hair Daily Flash Deals! Save on these bundles of approximately 3.2oz of hair now!


You can choose from the Bali Straight, Sumatra Wave, Tahitian Wave, Zen Straight, and Fiji Curl styles to spice up your day in the SEA collection. Despite the texture difference, the shine and luster in these hair extensions are identical and of the best quality.


The Bali Straight and the Zen Straight are among the best types of straight hair in the market that provides the perfect amount of texture. While the Sumatra Wave and Tahitian Wave instantly adds elegance and shine to your look with this beautiful wavy hair.


Our pick for those wanting a tight curl is the Fiji Curl which guarantees you will have the most beautiful textured curly hair you will ever experience.


4. The Hysteria Collection

Indique Hair's Hysteria Collection


The Hysteria collection devised at Indique Hair consists of a series of colored South East Asian hair that is guaranteed to allure and charm every soul in the room. The splash of color added on the lustrous and shiny SEA hair makes this collection irresistible and selling out almost all the time.


This glossy, tangle, and frizz-free hair come in the colors of 1, 3, 6, 27, and 613, four of the most beautiful hair colors ever! These hair extensions come in tubes of approximately 3.2oz of the most aesthetically colored hair.


The Hysteria Collection offers the following hair extension products:

Hysteria Straight: Spice up your dull hair with some color without putting your hair through the scrutiny of coloring and bleaching. The Hysteria Straight Hair Extension is your solution to two styling problems; coloring and straightening hair. Get amazing straight hair with five color options of ebony (1), chocolate (3), chestnut (6), honey ginger (27), and platinum (613).


Hysteria Classic: These hair extensions are the most versatile hair extensions in the collection and are worn in any style and texture. The hysteria classic set consists of 4oz of stunning colored virgin hair from India that comes in 7 colors.


Hysteria Straight Platinum Blonde Closure: This hair closure is the perfect complement to the Hysteria Hair Extension sets. This closure can be colored to any tone you desire for an overall natural look.


5. The Remix Collection

Remix Collection by Indique Hair
Remix Collection by Indique Hair


The latest technological innovation and advancement create the Remix Collection by Indique Hair. This collection is one of the newest hair extension collections offered by Indique Hair that will make you fall in love with the brand even more!


The hair extensions and products in this collection are made from non-Remy virgin hair that is machine drawn. By drawing and arranging the hair in an automated manner, the cuticles’ alignment is in the same direction. The hair extensions in this remix collection is great for those on a tight on budget.


The Remix Collection consists of the best cost-effective hair extensions that compromise any lack of quality and style. You can choose from the Remix Body Wave, Remix Deep Wave, Remix Body Wave Closure 4x4, and Remix Closure hair 4x4 in this fantastic collection of innovative hair extensions and products.


The secret of the Remix Collection’s success is due to four vital aspects that include precise selection, advanced technology, Indique touch, and timeless innovation. This precisely-selected non-Remy hair is mechanically aligned, making them smooth and tangle-free and put through state-of-the-art processes which provides the innovative Indique touch.


6. The Chaka by Indique

Chaka Khan's Iconic Collection
Chaka Khan's Iconic Collection


The Chaka by Indique is a collection materialized from the collaboration of icon Chaka Khan and Indique Hair. This is an exclusive collection accentuating Chaka’s trademark textured curly looks. The Chaka by Indique Collection consists of two of the most versatile hair wigs designed for every woman with every style that can be worn every day.


Here's what's available!


Organic iKhanic Straight: The iKhanic Straight is a fantastic full adjustable with a 4x4 freestyle part lace closure that looks natural and organic. It's created using Indique’s Bounce Blow-Out style that assures gorgeous look. This wig can be worn as it is, curled or flat ironed, indicating its versatility. The wig also appears very realistic due to its low sheen and texture.


iKhanic Curl Wig: The iKhanic Curl Wig pays homage to the iconic curly look donned by the icon Chaka Khan. The curl wig is a fully adjustable wig with a veiled 4x4 freestyle part lace closure. It's created using Indique’s Bounce Coil Curl hair, making it one of the most unique hair accessories ever. Wear this wig for a tightly-curled hairstyle or a natural afro-inspired style.


You can also get the fantastic finishing spray iKhanic Shine to give your hair wig a superb finish.


7.Other Collections


Check out other collections assembled by Indique Hair:

  • Studio Collection
  • Keratique Collection
  • Design Essentials
  • Tools & Accessories
  • Hair Care Essentials




So there you go! You are all set for Indique Hair's mega Black Friday sale. This is a list of the best selling Indique Hair collections you should not miss!


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