Why Cambodian Hair Is One Of The Best Kind Of Hair For Extensions These Days?

Why Cambodian Hair Is One Of The Best Kind Of Hair For Extensions These Days?

The world is filled with new types of hair extensions coming from different qualities, materials, and sources. In this wide variety, there is a heap of the best and a pool of the worst. So, it sometimes becomes very confusing. Do you know which hair extension is of good quality? And the very new entry in this hair extension world is Cambodian hair, which is making quite a noise for all the right reasons. They are becoming one of the most promising hair extensions in the hair market industry. We are sitting in the industry so we know that it is happening and happening for good. So let us also tell you that in case if you are also considering cambodian hair extensions, why you should give it a try because of the following reasons.

Looks Natural

Cambodian hair looks extremely natural. They are very similar to the African hair signature texture, which is coarse yet soft. This way, if you are a black American woman who is planning to wear extensions that look very natural, the Cambodian hair texture should be a preferred choice because of its realistic look.


Delightfully Durable

The strands of Cambodian hair are very strong and thick, which makes it very easy for them to go through regular washes, combing sessions, heat styling a lot more, which makes it a strong hair extension that can put up with most of your shenanigans. So, it’s a durable hair extension for you.

Long Life

Durability and longevity go hand-in-hand. If a hair extension can bear all the things on it and still keep its texture in good quality, it automatically extends its shelf life. And so is the case with Cambodian hair extensions. They are generally durable, which makes the shelf live comparatively 3 to 4 months longer than regular hair extensions.


Ethical And Beautiful

Ethical sourcing these days is a big task. Generally, people source hair from East Asia through bonded labor and the black market. But Combodian hair extensions are collected from authorized donors who willingly agree to sell their hair, which makes it one of the spots to get ethically sourced quality hair.


As told above, the hair strands of Cambodian hair are typically thick, which makes every texture very prominent. So, if you’re planning to have curly hair, they can hold the curl pattern very well. Similarly, they can give you very beautiful, steady waves and even kinky straight hair. So styling with Cambodian hair is very easy.

Thick Hair Strands

Thick and tremendous

We need not to say it again. But Cambodian hair has thick hair strands. Thick hair strands mean more coverage and more luscious-looking hair, which gives full effect and bounce if you are wearing them. If you’re a fan of the volume extravaganza, Cambodian hair extensions are an easy choice.

Less Tangling

Cambodian hair is thick, and each strand holds its character individually, which prevents them from getting mingled and tangled rarely. Even if they are tangled, with simple, soft, combing or downward brush, the tangles get removed easily. So you can wear Cambodian hair extensions carefree.

Low Shedding

Generally, Cambodian hair extensions are aligned in the same direction when it comes to their hair cuticles, so there is no unwanted friction happening, which reduces the chances of hair shedding. That is why you are able to have the thick-looking hair extension and wig of Cambodian hair for a very long time because hair getting loose out from the wig is rarely a problem.

Natural Luster

Cambodian hair has a very natural sheen to it, which stays intact even if you have done multiple styles and washes on it. It has that natural gloss to it, which gives your hair a very healthy look and makes your extension look lively.

Indique and Cambodian Hair

Luxurious Collection

Indique has come up with its new collection known as Lotus Collection, which is the quality luxurious hair extensions, ethically sourced from rural villages of Cambodia. This collection ensures quality, thick and durable extensions for you to give a delightful experience. The hair used in the Lotus collection is Cambodian unprocessed natural hair, which gives you the option to use this premium virgin hair as per your requirements in your desired texture. It is a limited edition luxury hair extension by Indique that is made with cambodian hair bundles of 3.05 OZ to give you a luscious, wavy hair look.


The market is filled with different types of hair extensions, and we used it as a motivation to write this blog to give you an idea of which one of these extensions is the best so that you can get a quality wearing experience. Whether you buy premium virgin Indian hair or these crafted Cambodian quality human hair extensions. Choose the hair that promises you quality, longevity, durability, versatility, and a natural look. Fortunately, all these traits are very well seen in Cambodian hair extensions. Feel free to check out our lotus collection in case you are planning to buy luscious lustrous hair extensions.