Trending Balayage Hairstyles in 2020


Trending Balayage Hairstyles in 2020

It's time to steer your glam game into a new direction with, a Balayage colored style. Perhaps you are wondering what that is and this is exactly why we are going to help you get acquainted with Balayage Hair.

What Is Balayage Hair?


This process is pronounced as BAH-LEE-AGE. It is a French origin word which means ‘sweeping,’ as in to sweep on hair strands lighter colors to create highlights. The Balayage hairstyle involves a unique method of untraced painting onto the tresses. This creates a smooth and natural transition of lightness near the hair tips. Eventually, the desired outcome is to get a make-believe hairdo of summer spent at the seashore, always fresh and undeniably flawless under the sun. It would be a sin to keep such a stunning and natural-looking highlighting hair treatment just for blonds, for precisely that reason Balayage is used on all shades of hair as an added soft, sun-kissed dimension. The process to catch impeccable highlights includes variations in application preference: some hairstylists do not detach the hair strands, whereas some separate the strands with cotton pieces. In certain treatments, hairstylists have a preference to use silver foil for partition.

There can be different application nuances which showcase a tad speckled results, but then again the final outcome of each Balayage hair has gained quite a lot of popularity because stylists can choose the exact strands to highlight. At the end of the day, you will have customized yet natural-looking highlights that will later influence softer grow out.


Your introduction to Balayage hair must have brought you to question, how is it different from Highlights? 

Differences Between Highlights and Balayage hair:



  • Highlights is an over-all term that only refers to hair that is lighter than its base color.


  • In contrast to widespread belief, highlights are not just for blondes. It can be used to lightening strands of any shade of hair.


  • A traditional process of smearing highlights is by using the technique known as ‘foiling,’ where sheets of foil are used to divide hair strands that have been concealed with color or lightener prior to covering them in the foil. The usage of a foil keeps the applicant from gushing out onto the close hair strands and also traps heat, which allows the lightener to work effectively.


  • Foil highlights are usually placed adjacent to the scalp, thus enabling the lightener to work from the roots to the ends for an all-over highlighted appearance.



  • Balayage is a free-hand method of smearing highlights. This hair treatment is quite often defined as an umbrella term for certain highlighting techniques.


  • Balayage results in a smooth and natural gradation of lightness along the hair strands. This means the strands are quite dark near the scalp and lighter in the direction of the ends.


  • Basically, Balayage begins straight from the roots and is concentrated on the mid-shafts and tips of the hair. Moreover, it does not necessarily require foils to divide the hair strands.

Without waiting any further let’s list down the Trending Balayage Hairstyles in 2020 for your next hairstyle inspiration!

Hairstyles For Balayage Hair

1. Balayage On Short Black Hair

Balayage on short black hair


A stunning bob can never go wrong for anybody yet there will always be a need to change things from time to time. The perfect transition from a bob can be into a wavy Balayage. Take this as an example to get a new hairdo on the next visit to your hair salon. Keep your original color and add some streaks of brown highlights for a subtle and elegant change. But if you are someone who is scared to cut the hair then give Wigs a try as they look natural and stunning as well.

2. Balayage On Straight Short Hair

Balayage on Straight Short Hairstyle


For a complete makeover use this hairstyle as an inspiration for your next haircut. By keeping the bob slightly wavy with blond Balayage will add extra personality to a simple bob. This is a hairstyle to look and feel youthful. A hairdo can never be as effortless as this one. No wonder the hairstyle for wigs are trending nowadays!

3. Balayage On Straight Black Hair

Balayage On Straight Black Hair


After bobs, we have medium length hair. In case you are unable to part from your natural black hair color then this is the best choice of change for you. Maintain your original locks and curls with a touch of brown. This Balayage hair will enhance your natural look at any time of the day. This begs the question, ‘Why wait to look beautiful when it is a salon visit away from you? Here is How to Maintain Healthy Hair Color so that your hair last longer!

4. Balayage On Straight Brown Hair

Balayage on Straight Brown Hair


Next in line to straight black hair is straight brown hair. Many of us like the mellow brown hair color for a change. While we have that on us, it could make some people wonder, how could you add Balayage over a brown hair strand. Well, this is how! We must give hairstylists the credit they deserve. Even with brown hair color, you can always get a lighter shade of brown to highlight those stresses beautifully without any hitch. This sure does sound unbelievable, that’s why take this as living proof! Don’t let your brown hair stop you from getting stunning Balayage hair this year! Be a stunner all time!

5. Balayage On Short And Straight Blond Hair

Balayage on Short And Straight Hair


Now that you have seen and read about how Balayage hair is also available for different shades of hair, let’s get to the one people think it only works for. Balayage on a blond hair, it might be one of the most popular Balayage hair on the list until now. A blond hair with darker concentration at the roots and lighter textures of highlight can be absolute magic to any dull blond hair!

Save your blond stresses with this Balayage hair and enjoy your time as the person of envy in any social gathering.

6. Balayage On Wavy Blond Hair

Balayage on wavy blond hair


If you mention Balayage on short blond hair, then it is fair to mention Balayage on long blond hair. Back when people were not aware of the possibility of Balayage on different shades of hair other than Blond, some have gone out their way and turned their hair blond just for this Balayage hair! And we can see why! It was a stunner then and still remains to be one of the most popular Balayage hairstyles of the year 2020! Give Wavy Wigs a try if you want to get the same look!

One can never be disappointed with this hairdo!

7. Balayage On Brown Hair

Balayage on Brown Hair


Aside from the balayage on brown hair straight Hair Texture, this is to some extent different. A hairstyle like this is an example of zero subtlety. It is Balayage hair which embraces the flawless blend of two completely different shades of hair. Allow the dark shade to cover the upper strands and mix it up with a cascade of a lighter shade. This mixture of dark and light colors will attract attention from all corners. All there is left to say is prepare to receive compliments and envy!

8. Balayage On Long Wavy Brown Hair

Balayage On Long Wavy brown


The same Balayage hair can look completely different depending on varying hair lengths and hairstyles. Since you know how Balayage looks with straight brown hair, it is time you take a glimpse at the distant cousin. Beach waves can never look less than perfect and what is even better, Balayage hair on beach waves. This transformation will take your simple beach waves to the next level. Never settle for less when you have the opportunity to get something better!

9. Balayage On Straight dark Brown Hair

Balayage On Straight Dark Brown Hair


Everybody likes a sleek back, straight, and seamless dark brown hair. To ramp up the plain straight hair, Balayage is the getaway solution. It will be natural-looking and impeccable. Whether you style it up or down, with each angle the Balayage will take shape to fit faultlessly. A glamorous addition to the already straight hair means stylish and trendsetting! Don’t miss the chance to inspire others with your Balayage hairstyle this year! You will only live once, better be remember for being stylish over everything else!

10. Balayage On Long Wavy Black Hair

Long Wavy Black Hair


Long black hair definitely looks glossy when the sun is out, however it could be difficult to get a good look at it when it is dark outside. In order to shine under the sun and moon, get the Balayage hair! Your dark stresses attract admirers during the day and night.

11. Balayage On dark Hair

Balayage On DArk hair


If balayage works on black and brown hair then without a shadow of a doubt, it will surely create magic on dark hair. If you are worried about the Hair Color fading over time then check out How to Maintain Healthy Hair Color to maintain that cute hair color of yours.

12. Balayage On Red Hair

Balayage on red hair


If you are not a brown, black, or dark-haired person then you will for certain be a red hair. Not only are you blessed with such marvelous red hair, but you also get to add more flair with Balayage. The way to do a red hair justice is by adding light contrast highlights. Don’t think twice to get this hairdo!



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