The Art of The Creation

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Last Friday, Indique Hair participated in the Brown Beauty Summit by Yene Damtew. The Art of the Creation Panel focused on the importance of having multiple income streams, as well as gaining insight for beauty professionals who have used the digital space and product creation to become thriving beautypreneurs.

The panelists answered the following:

-As digital platforms continue to be a place for beauty experts to highlight their work, how can they use this space to elevate their business and generate revenue?

-What are some advertising and branding strategies you’ve found resonate with your audience during this time?

-What techniques and platforms have you found to provide a space for you to pitch your expertise to brands and media companies to elevate your digital presence?

Moderated by Gabrielle Joffie Featuring:

Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Indique Hair is the first African American woman to retail and brand premium hair globally. 

Marquetta Breslin is a licensed cosmetologist, educator, and author. She is the creator of systems such as "Lace Wig Training System," "Cutting Mastery," and "Million Dollar Stylist®"

Monica Stevens, known as "MoKnowsHair," is a licensed cosmetologist, influencer and product innovator focused on healthy hair. 

Tiyana Robinson is a Pro Makeup Artist and Founder of Makeup Mogul University, where she teaches Makeup Artists and Beauty Pros how to create money on demand by offering online classes, courses, and digital + physical products. 

Check out the panel below:


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