How To Maintain, Style, and Restore Your Crusty Synthetic Wigs?

How To Maintain, Style, and Restore Your Crusty Synthetic Wigs?

At first, your synthetic wig feels wonderfully soft and flowy. But, after a few wears and washes, it becomes stiff. Maybe even clumpy and a bit wavy on the ends too. Does this sound familiar? After some time, many synthetic wigs change their characteristic and gets frizzy. This is not acceptable. Owning a wig is a significant investment, and we understand the pain if you have to keep changing it every few months.

You must wonder how you can make them less frizzy to preserve their intended style and keep them looking beautiful longer. Worry not; we have done our research and have tried to answer most of your questions on synthetic sew in wigs and how you can restore those crusty wigs that have lost their shine and luster. Below you will find all the tips and tricks on the maintenance, styling, and care for your short hair wigs.

Maintaining Synthetic Wigs

Maintaining Synthetic Hair Wigs
Synthetic Wigs- Boon or Bane?

Well, we all look for ways to help us maintain the shine and natural look of our synthetic wigs for a longer duration. Special maintenance is required to keep them frizz-free, flowing, and resembling natural hair. And we shall learn precisely how it is done.

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig?

One of the first things that spring to mind while figuring out how to detangle a synthetic wig is brushing the knots and tangling out. To prevent harm to the synthetic fibers of their wigs, various wig makers advise using brushes and combs that are specially made for them without damaging them. Also, many brushes have bobbles that protect them during detangling.

Detangling a synthetic wig is a task that requires a lot of patience and some great tools that will help in bringing back life into them. You can use a wide-tooth wig comb in sections to detangle the hair. Work your way from the bottom to the top, taking about an inch of the section at a time. As each section gets smooth and the comb slides through smoothly, move on to the next one.

There are other things that need to be considered when trying to detangle a synthetic wig.

Combing Synthetic Hair Wigs
Comb with care
    • They need to be washed carefully and adequately. Using regular shampoo and conditioner on your synthetic wig is not recommended. This is because synthetic hair differs significantly from human hair with respect to features like porosity. As a result, you should think carefully before purchasing synthetic wig care products since they can weaken or strengthen the fibers.
    • Even if you wear the best synthetic hair wigs every day, you should have it cleaned once a week. Moreover, be sure to wash it in cool water using the right products.
    • Your natural looking synthetic wigs need conditioner to be hydrated, just like your natural hair does. You can condition them once you have finished shampooing it. After washing, leave it damp and dab your hands with a tiny quantity of specialized conditioner. Gently rubbing it will help the conditioner penetrate the synthetic fibers. Finish the process by thoroughly rinsing them under cold running water.

Styling Synthetic Wigs

Combing Synthetic Hair Wigs
Styling synthetic wigs need skills

Synthetic wigs need minimal styling as compared to the ones made from human hair. They come pre-styled and can be worn straight out of the box. Also, each time that you wash them, their original style will bounce back as soon as it dries as it is ingrained in them.

But since most of them come pre-styled, there are plenty of things that you can do with them to change the look to what you had in mind. Let’s try and answer some of these styling questions for you.

Can You Bleach A Synthetic Wig?

Yes, you can bleach a synthetic wig when you want to change the existing color. Bleaching removes the original color of the hair from the synthetic fibers. Bleaching's ultimate purpose is to make synthetic hair lighter in color so you can dye it in any color combination or make it resemble natural hair more closely. Correct bleaching of synthetic hair can produce stunning effects without causing harm to the material.

Can You Dye Synthetic Wigs?

You Can Dye Hair Wigs
It is a one time thing!

Yes, it is possible to dye synthetic wigs; however, it is advisable not to use regular hair dyes as they are not easily penetrable like natural hair. Also, the chemical in those dyes can damage synthetic hair.

Although you can dye your synthetic hair, it is usually not practical to do so as they come in various color options ranging from fun colors to some of the most natural looking hair colors. The best thing to do when you get bored of the one you have is to purchase a new one rather than take the risk of spoiling them for good.

Restore Crusty Synthetic Wig

Restoring Hair Wigs
Restoring the right way is the key

If not cared for properly, over some time, your synthetic wigs will start to lose their shine and texture. Now you don’t need to throw them away; you can save them and restore them to their original glory by following these trusted methods.

How To Fix A Synthetic Wig?

To fix a synthetic wig, you will first need to cleanse them and then restore its smoothness

    • Before washing, smooth the hair using a wide-tooth comb. Be careful not to stretch or pull the synthetic hair fibers.

    • Add a capful of shampoo made for cleaning synthetic wigs to a basin of cool water. Put it in the water, then let it stand there for a while.

    • Rinse the synthetic sew in wig gently with cold water and be careful not to tangle it in the process.

Maintaing Hair Wigs
Maintaining can be game changer
    • Fill the basin with fresh water after emptying it. The wig should be submerged in the water with a capful of conditioner while being gently swirled around in the water.
    • It should be then blotted with a towel before being set on a towel or wig stand to air dry. Avoid applying heat to them.
    • When the wig is completely dry, spritz it with a detangler or hair shine product and comb it through the fibers. You can style them using brush rollers or fingers when it is still damp.
    • Trimming is the best quick remedy when hair products and styling equipment are out of reach. Using scissors, tidy up frizzy ends and remove flyaways that defy control. Any frizz that has built up near the nape of the neck can be carefully removed with a blade.


Caring for synthetic hair wigs is equally important as caring for human hair wigs. You know that wigs are expensive, so caring for and maintaining them becomes all the more important.

We understand if you feel that synthetic sew in wigs are not meant for you, and then you can go through many human hair wigs from Indique hair that might ring your bell. They are available in various lengths and textures to suit your needs and styling requirements.