Dry Hair Treatments And The Dos And Don'ts


Dry Hair Treatments And The Dos And Don'ts

As African American women, we deal with dry hair. There are many internal and external reasons for our hair being dry. I know it is frustrating dealing with dry hair, which leads to split ends. Let's talk about dry hair treatments, and the dos and don'ts for a healthy and hydrated mane.


Is It Just Me?

We often think it’s just us with dry hair, but everyone struggles with it

You've probably wondered if it's just you with dry hair. Dryness normally occurs with naturally curly hair. We all struggle with it. One of the main culprits of dry hair is the tight curls and ringlets. It prevents natural oil produced by your hair from spreading. So it's not just you, but we all deal with dry hair.


Treatments For Dry Hair

Treat your luscious locks with these hair treatments for women with dry hair

There are different treatments for dry hair, and I'm sure they are great, but I will share my dry hair treatments with you. I swear by these treatments, and it has worked wonders for my curly hair.


Deep Conditioning Your Tresses

Always deep condition your hair to combat dry hair

Every time you use shampoo on your hair, you need to condition your luscious locks. It hydrates your hair and your scalp at the same time. Hydrated hair means less breakage.

Include deep conditioning into your hair care routine. You will notice instant results whether you are color-treated or not.

Pro tip: Use a sulfate-free shampoo to remove dirt from your hair.


How To Deep Condition?

Rinse out the shampoo and get a leave-in conditioner of your choice. Apply the leave-in conditioner generously and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can absolutely keep it for longer if you have time. There are two ways to deep condition your hair. You can deep condition your hair in the shower. Apply the leave-in conditioner while you wash & shave. The shower steam will allow your hair to absorb the conditioner.

The other way is by applying the deep conditioner and wearing a shower cap. In this method, you need to sit under heat. Under a heated lamp, so the conditioner penetrates your hair.

Rinse your deep conditioner out with cold water. It helps keep your cuticles sealed.

Tip: Apply the deep conditioner from the bottom and work your way up.



Hot Oil Treatment For Natural Hair

Hot oil treatment to rejuvenate your hair

Hot oil treatment is an amazing way to combat dry hair at home. Massaging hot oil on your scalp increases blood circulation and boosts your hair growth. It also moisturizes your hair and scalp, tames frizzy hair, and reduces the chances of split ends. How great is that!


How To Do Hot Oil Treatment

Mix a few essential oils and put them inside the bottle with a nozzle when my hair needs extra TLC, but I switch between French Argan oil and coconut oil for my regular hot oil treatment.

If you are using an applicator, then I recommend boiling the water first and then putting your applicator into the hot water. While your oil is heating, separate your hair into sections so it's easier to apply the treatment. Dampen your hair a little bit before you start with your hot oil treatment. This is something I have done for years and was passed down from my mother to me.

Back to hot oil treatment, once you are done, let it sit for half an hour. Keep it for an hour if your hair is super dry. Rinse out the treatment, and you will feel the instant result; manageable curls, no tangles, and no-hassle!

These are the hair treatments for dry hair that I swear by. These two treatments have been used in my family for generations. The ingredients have changed, but the results are instant.


The Do's And Don'ts For Women With Dry Hair

Now that you know how to treat your dry hair let us dive into the dos and don'ts. You have heard some of them before, but hear me out before you roll your eyes.


Don't Use Heat Styling Tools

Minimize using heat styling tools

You don't have to completely give up heat styling tools because, let's be honest, they are amazing. But at the same time, these tools dry out our hair. Minimizing the usage of heat styling tools was difficult in the beginning, but once I noticed my hair looking healthy, I stuck to it. There are hairstyles that you can achieve without using heat styling tools. Using heatless styles was a game-changer for me and my hair's health. If you want to use these tools, then do it on hair wigs. Human hair wigs are an excellent investment. I use heat and get the look I want while my hair remains hydrated and healthy with the treatments mentioned above.


Avoid Coloring Your Gorgeous Locks

Flaunt your natural mane and ditch the color

I love spotting different hair colors. I have colored my whole hair, did ombre colors, highlights, etc.: You name it, I have done it. The chemicals from the hair dye and bleach fried my hair. I had to cut my hair because it was UNMANAGEABLE. Since my natural hair is on the darker side of the spectrum, I had to do sessions to bleach and color my hair. Trust me; it's not worth it. You are left with a big mess once the color fades. Now I use colored clip-in extensions, weaves, and wigs to switch up my style.


Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo And Conditioner

Ladies, sulfate is no friend to your beautiful hair. Sulfate is found in detergents, cleaning products, and shampoos. If you are struggling with dry hair, shampoos and conditioners with sulfate will only make it worse. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners on your hair.


Choose Moisturizing Hair Products

The reason why your hair is dry is because of the lack of moisture. Moisturizing or hydrating products help your hair retain moisture.


Wear Protective Hairstyles

Wear a protective hairstyle and keep your hair healthy

Wearing protective hairstyles such as box braids is a great way to lay off heat styling tools. Prepare your hair with hydrating deep conditioners and get a protective hairstyle. It will also help with hair growth.

Follow proper hair care methods for your protective hairstyle and let your hair thrive.


Use Silk Or Satin Pillow covers

Satin and silk are your hair’s best friends

Cotton pillow covers absorb moisture from your hair and cause dry hair. Satin and silk pillow covers are a significant investment. It protects your hair, and your tresses will be on butter. Another option is to wear a satin bonnet or head wrap to bed. Hydrate your hair and go to bed with a bonnet for healthy, hydrated hair!

These are my dry hair treatments and the dos and don'ts. Follow the points mentioned above and watch your hair become moisturized and healthy. Say goodbye to dry hair and welcome your new rejuvenated hair.

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