Choosing the Right Hair Dye


Choosing the Right Hair Dye

Dyeing your hair is one thing that can make you feel very apprehensive. As the right hair dye will define your future look. Deciding on a hair color is no amateur job as it needs the knowledge of skin tone, undertone, color combinations; and if done wrong they can also ruin your look. It is suggested that if your skin undertone is warm then you should pick a cool tone hair color and vice versa, as it will neutralize your skin tone and will enhance your facial feature even more. Your skin color also defines what’s gonna look best on you and what not so make sure you’re aware of everything about you before you decide on a hair color.

Picking the right hair dye is always a tedious task but don’t worry as Indique is here for your rescue. If you are not able to decide which hair dye you should pick then we have a color guide for you to pick from. Just perform these steps and you’ll be all set to get your colors right and treat yourself to a new look.

1. Set Your Color Goals

Set your color goals

Before you even think of dyeing your hair you need to decide what you want your hair to look like. Are you trying to lighten up your hair color or you wanna darken ‘em up or you just want to cover your grey’s. You first need to pick the right light to shine upon your hair. To make your job even more easy we have handpicked the goals. You can pick from the following Goals

Light Color | Dark Color | Cover Grey | Experiment with Highlights

2. Pick Your Color Family

Pick your color family

This is another crucial step in your hair dye journey as once you decide it you have to make sure that you are 100% in that decision because once your hairs are colored you can’t change them for a month on an average.

As you’ve decided upon your color goals it’s time to decide your color family. Though there are many colors out in the market it’s best that we pre-decided what color our hairs are going to be. So to help you ladies further we segregated the colors into 4 major categories. Pick from the category and move to the next step.

Blonde | Brown | Red | Black

3. Pick Your Shade

Pick your shade

This is the Final step into selecting the perfect hair color for you. We have already decided on our color goals and Color Family. Now it’s time to pick the Shade. Think of your plans in the beginning. What were you thinking when you took the decision of coloring your hair, what inspired you to pick a hair color in the first place and then finally see what shade you want to go with. You again have 4 options here to choose from.

Light | Medium | Dark | Darkest

Color your hair

Now, You’re all ready to get your hair colored, and to help you further we even came up with the shade guide based on your skin undertone. Now for ladies who don’t know what your skin undertone is, I have the best 3 step process to identify it.

Step 1: Find a room with amazing lighting and a Mirror

Step 2: Pick 2 clothes 1 with Red shade and 1 with Yellow. Now place them both under your chin and see which one looks best on you. If it’s RED then you’re of Cool undertone and if it’s yellow then you’re warm undertone.

Now let’s do a rain check and perform the same test with a different object

Step 3: Pick 2 pieces of jewelry one gold and one silver. Perform the same process and place it on your face or neck depending on the jewelry. If silver suits you more then you're cool skin tone and if gold then warm.

VOILA, you’ve found your skin undertone. And now you can pick a color based on your skin tone. Now ladies all you have to do is go to your choice of color section and find your color combination. You’ll find all hair color suggestions based on your skin undertone, shade, and color family. Make sure you consider all factors before picking a hair color from the chart. Also, you need to decide on your skin undertone and color family before you skip for the suggestions section as we’ve divided them in the aforementioned format only.

Here are Indique’s Suggestions

  • Blonde Hair Color For Warm Skin Tone
    Strawberry | Ash | Rose | Champagne
  • Blonde Hair Color for Cool Skin Tone
    Caramel | Honey | Butterscotch | Gold
  • Brown Hair Color For Warm Skin Tone
    Iced Chocolate | Dark Brown | Mushroom | Light Brown
  • Brown Hair Color for Cool Skin Tone
    Toffee | Chestnut | Cinnamon | Caramel
  • Red Hair Color for Warm Skin Tone
    Deep Plum | Lavender | Mulberry | Dark Red
  • Red Hair Color for Cool Skin Tone
    Mulled Wine | Mahogany | Auburn | Red Velvet

Finding a right hair color isn't always easy as it’s our hair that we are talking about and a minor miscalculation can lead directly to at least 28 days of torcher. So, it’s better that before we get our hair colored we pre-decide on these things and are 100% sure of it.

We hope the article could help you find the right hair color for your perfect hair. If you think that the article was good and helpful, share it with your friends and help them find the right hair color for themselves too. Spread the love with Indique’s Hair color guide.


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