Are Clip-ins Safe?


Are Clip-ins Safe?

Did you know that you can instantly transform your style with hair extensions? Depending on your lifestyle and personal preference, there are several different types of installation methods that you can choose. A very popular style is clip-ins. Some people are hesitant in trying hair extensions because of the fear of damaging their real hair. There are cases of poorly-installed extensions and improper maintenance causing hair loss. Not all extensions will cause this intense level of damage, especially when you invest in high-quality hair extensions and take the time to care for them correctly.

What type of hair extensions cause the least amount of damage to your hair?

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the safest forms of extensions for your hair, especially if you are only wearing them for a few hours. When clip-in hair extensions are not overused and you care for your hair, they should cause minimal damage.

Why Are They The Least Damaging?

Because the application of clip-in extensions does not include chemicals, glue, tape, beads, or heat, reducing the amount of damage caused to your natural hair. Clip-ins consist of wefts that can be safely and easily installed and removed. It’s such a simple process that can be done at home.

Clip-in hair extensions will cause very little damage when used on healthy hair. So maintaining your hair appointments for hydration is a must. Using regular leave-in conditioners and moisturizing products will ensure your hair is strong enough to take hair extensions without damage being caused.

How Can I Stop Clip-in Extensions from Damaging My Hair?

Although clip-in hair extensions are the least damaging, there are ways to minimize the damage even further. Protect your hair from damage while wearing clips in hair extensions by doing a few simple steps.

It is very important to remove your clip-in hair extensions before bed. As you roll around during the night, tossing and turning, you can put a strain on the clips. Regularly wearing them to bed could lead to snapping and can cause bald patches. Clip-in hair extensions are the least damaging because they can be removed, so your hair can have a break and stay healthy.

When you remove the clip-in extensions, it’s important to do so with care. By removing your hair extensions, comb or brush your hair and gently separate them from the extensions. Create sections in your hair to expose the area where the clip-ins are installed, before gently sliding them out of place. Never pull or yank your extensions, doing so can cause damage.

If you have fine hair, we recommend buying extensions that weigh less. Lightweight clip-in hair extensions that weigh 120 grams or less are less likely to cause damage to your hair. Extensions with thicker strands of hair may give you the big volume you desire, but they can put unnecessary stress on your hair when worn regularly.

Remember to use your judgment when wearing hair extensions. If you notice your scalp becoming irritated, then it’s a sign that your hair extensions are clipped-in too tightly or that your hair needs a break. Make the health of your hair a priority because clip-in extensions are meant to enhance your hair, not damage it.

How Long Do Clip-in Extensions Last?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing new hair extensions is how long they will last. Cheaper synthetic hair extensions will last for a much shorter period than high-quality Remy or 100% natural hair.

The longevity of any type of hair extension is determined by how well they are maintained. By investing in high-quality hair extensions and treating them with care, you can extend the life of your extensions and stop them from looking like a nest on the back of your head.

Which Hair Extensions Last Longest?

Not all types of extensions last the same amount of time, some are more prone to damage than others. Pre-bonded types like i-types and tape-in extensions have a pretty good lifespan, but because they use glue, they are prone to tangling near the roots, leading to a shorter life span.

Clip-in hair extensions are the longest lasting of all the hair extensions. Clip-in wefts are the easiest to put in and maintain, so less damage is likely to occur, making them great for beginners and experienced users alike.

How Long Do Synthetic, Remy, and Natural Hair Extensions Last?

If you take good care of your 100% human hair extensions, they can last about 12 months when worn daily. Without taking the correct care and using harsh products on them, they may only last between 3 and 6 months.

Synthetic hair extensions have a much shorter life. If you wear them daily and regularly style them with heated tools, they will likely last between 2-3 months. If you don’t heat style the hair extensions and wash them infrequently, they can last for up to 6 months. High-quality Remy clip-in extensions, when properly taken care of, will last between 9 and 12 months.

For women that use 100% human hair extensions every single day, the average lifespan is around 60% less than those who only wear them a couple of times a month.

How Do I Make My Clip-in Hair Extensions Last?

Brushing can significantly extend the life of any type of hair extension. Hair extensions usually become damaged, much like natural hair, when it becomes frizzy, matted and tangled. Brushing daily, but only when the hair is dry, can get rid of tangles easily and keeps the extensions looking better for longer.

Another thing that reduces the lifespan of any extensions is hot tools. Using a flatiron or a curler can damage strands over time. If you do style your hair, avoid doing it every day and always use a heat protectant first. Avoid blow-drying extensions, try to leave them to dry naturally as much as possible.

The correct application also influences how long hair extensions will last. If you put them in incorrectly, the wefts or strands may detach and start to fall apart. If you are using hot fusion methods that involve glue and heat, then you must be careful as glue can cause damage to extensions when used incorrectly.

Much like your natural hair, hair extensions will last longer when cared for. Use the right products and keep them stored to maximize their life.