10 Daily Habits Causing Hair Loss


10 Daily Habits Causing Hair Loss

Are you troubled with hair loss or hair damage despite the efforts you make?

A majority of women are going through this nightmare just as you are. Nothing can terrify a woman more than hair splits, hair breakage, frizz; the list goes on resulting in hair loss, the worst nightmare of all. Could it be that you are not doing enough? Or maybe you are doing it wrong. Certain everyday habits restrict our hair growth, and it is vital to break these lifestyle choices and make changes in our daily routine. Here are some of the everyday habits that restrict the growth of our hair.

Habit 1 - Shampooing Frequently

Shampooing hair

The fact that shampooing your hair is the key to hair care is as true as saying that the Earth is round, but using it frequently can be a problem. Shampoos are designed to clean the harmful agents and excessive oil from your hair and scalp but overusing it can cause hair dryness, making your hair prone to hair breakage. Frequently washing your hair will strip the oil from your scalp, vital for healthy hair. You should not ditch your shampoo either, but it is okay to go a few days without shampooing your hair.

Habit 2 - Washing your Hair with Hot Water

Effects of hot shower on hair

Nothing beats the fun of taking a hot shower after a long tiring day, but have you ever wondered why there are hair falls clogging the drain? Here is the reason why you see this giant mess that often makes people sick. Hot showers and steams can cause hair dehydration, causing your beautiful long strands to break. This makes your hair vulnerable to snap and fall out as it drains nourishing elements from the scalp, which are necessary for hair development. If you really love taking hot water baths we suggest you use warm water for your hair washes over hot water

Habit 3 - Unhealthy Diet

Healthy diet for hair

Regardless of what hair care products you use, just like your body your hair needs the best diet too for the strength. Iron deficiency, lack of protein, and running low on vitamins can weaken the scalp and lead to hair shedding/thinning. Diets rich in protein, vitamins, healthy fats, omega, iron, etc., are essential for the healthy growth of hair. So, the next time you visit a market, do not forget to add eggs, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, and sweet potatoes to mention a few in your cart.

Habit 4 - Tying your Hair Tight

Tying hair

Keeping your hair tied is one of the main reasons for hair loss. Tightly secured hair may be your go-to style for an everyday look, but the damage it inflicts is horrible. Stretching your hair firmly can stress and damage the hair follicles. In worst scenarios, pulling your hair permanently damages hair follicles, making hair growth impossible.

Habit 5 - Damp Hair

Wet hair

Your hair becomes weak when it is damp or wet. While it is not good for hair growth, wet hair is not good for your health too. This is because wet hair in contact with a pillow or cushion can cause bacterial infection. Wet hair can lead to hair breakage, hair loss, and dandruff. To break free from these consequences, wash your hair when there is enough time for drying, never go to bed in wet hair, and apply leave-in conditioners to strengthen them.

Habit 6 - Using Too Much Heat

Hair styling tools

Heat styling tools like hair straighteners, hairdryers, and curling irons may make your job easier while styling, but they are the least friendlier tools your hair deals with every day. These hair styling gears are harsh and treat your hair brutally, making it exposed to hair damage. Therefore, it is vital to avoid these hair styling tools as much as possible or set the tools at minimal heat while styling your hair.

Habit 7 - Not Getting Frequent Trims

Hair cutting

Desiring long, silky hair, women often avoid trimming them or, as hairstylists would refer, dusting them. Trimming at least an inch from the tip every six to eight months is necessary to prevent hair splits. If you avoid it, the hair splits will increase with time, leading to hair breakage. Going for a trim frequently helps your hair to grow in a healthy way and avoid hair fall.

Habit 8 - Using Wrong Hair Care Products

Haircare products

Haircare products play an important role in your hair growth and maintaining their health, but getting the wrong product may damage your hair. Keeping your hair away from products containing sulfate and alcohol is the basic rule. There are various hair textures sorted out by hair type and traits, and knowing your hair texture allows you to narrow down products that are recommended. While products containing excess oil work best for curly and kinky hair, they may not yield a positive result for thin and straight hair. Having a better understanding of your hair will help you make the right product purchase filtering out the unnecessary ones.

Habit 9 - Smoking

Smoking is unhealthy for hair

You know smoking is not good for your health, but did you know that it isn’t good for your hair as well? Research shows that smoking reduces blood circulation to the scalp, weakens hair follicles, and restricts proper hair growth. For this reason, smokers tend to go bald faster than non-smokers. Do not worry! There is always time to repair the damage done. Quitting smoking can help your hair regain its strength. This will also improve your body health.


Habit 10 - Stress and Temper Tantrum

Stress and uncontrolled emotions can become a cause hair loss. Stress restricts the hair follicles and stops them from growing new hair. It also leads to a failure in sourcing nourishment to hair strands. Pulling hair is a psychological mechanism for coping with stress and anxiety, and it has a huge impact on your hair follicles and the scalp.


With a little bit of effort and breaking free from everyday habits concerning hair damage, it will leave you amazed how your hair health improves as a result of it. Stop regretting and start working because now is the time to make the right habits in your lifestyle. If this helped you realize what exactly is the cause of your hair fall, be a savior and share it with your friends who are facing similar issues.


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