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Understanding Our Pricing:

Indique's hair extension prices range from $79-$330.

How are our hair extension prices set? Our prices are largely based on the length and texture of the hair itself along with the complexity involved in the manufacturing process. We also consider the availability of the virgin texture when calculating the price.

For example, Curly in our PURE Collection is one of the highest priced items, due to the rarity of virgin curly Indian hair. Our unique Steaming and Coloring processes are also factors in determining our final pricing. Gently manipulating the virgin hair to create beautiful textures and colors without the use of harsh chemicals takes a considerable amount of time and skill—making items in the BOUNCE and HYSTERIA Collections slightly higher in price than comparable items in a solely virgin collection, such as PURE.

Indique knows the human hair industry unlike any other. While many other companies simply sell a private labeled product available to be sold by anyone, we own and operate our own overseas factories and domestic operations to ensure total control of the process from start to finish. Once the raw hair is sourced from the Temples of India and private suppliers in South East Asia, it is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and manufactured into our trademark collections of virgin remy hair extensions. Once the hair arrives to our production and fulfillment facilities in the United States, the quality assurance process continues with a complete washing and inspection to identify any imperfections. Our exclusive collections are then shipped out in its final form to our loyal clients across the United States and around the world. This full control of the production process allows us to create unique hair products that you won't find anywhere else.

View Our Hair Extension Prices by Collection:

Pricing: PURE Collection.


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